12+ Pics That Made Us Say 'Absolutely Not'

Diply 26 Oct 2018

Lots of things in life can make us say "absolutely not." In fact, most of my life makes me say "absolutely not," like when someone sits right beside me on the bus when there's literally 65 other free seats. Or when someone suggests going "low carb" when I mention wanting to tone up my dad bod.

These pics also make me say ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Let's take a look, shall we?

1. Okay, but why am I gonna call him the next time my Sunday night sadness kicks in? HA.

Reddit | Highway_Queen

We love a man with transparency and clear intentions. Is this a li'l aggressive? Prolly. But we love a man with confidence.

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2. UMMMM, so why does it look like I just stepped into a 1930s talkie film?

Instagram | @kalesalad

What's happening? Is this the Great Depression? Is the prohibition over? Have we been to space yet? What's a car? Who are Vegans? What's an iPhone?

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3. This is a friggin SCHMOOD, amirite guys?

Instagram | Instagram

Life moves pretty fast, okay? Sometimes, we don't have time to tie our moccasins. There's money to be made! Life to be lived! Baes to cuff! Shoelaces are honestly last on my list of priorities.

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4. If I worked at this Walmart, I would have actually lost my mind. Goodbye, sweet income, it's been nice knowing ya!

Reddit | blobby_the_fish

Who doesn't clean up after themselves? Babies? Was this Walmart raided by a pack of angry toddlers?

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5. Okay, come through Top Chef.

Reddit | ozolact

I mean, who doesn't love rice? Rice is the most versatile and gorgeous food in the whole world and I would have never thought to be so creative.

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Wow, I love being a chef. Love dabbling in the culinary world.


Minute rice is actually kinda hard work, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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6. I just spat out my iced coffee...

Reddit | jeep1218

We love a shameless hustle. And honestly, who needs real gold anymore? Is this 1543? No? Didn't think so.

So sell that shiz!

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7. WOOOW, it really be like that sometimes!

Twitter | @ashlinrae

I hope she only paid literally 50 cents for this, 'cause this is the most USELESS home decor item I've ever seen!

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8. This is a level of extreme and extra that I truly live for!

Instagram | @kalesalad

Oversized jackets are trendy though, right? So really, your dad had your back, baby!

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9. Oh my GAWD, can I go bleach my eyes now?????

Reddit | Aquagenie

I don't have the cutest feet, but they're not this tragic. Please, someone, call the beauty police!!!!!!!

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Imagine going on a first date with this person and they have the audacity to wear an open-toed shoe?


IDK, it's just about self pride and care, ya know?

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10. Do we all wanna say it together? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Reddit | shouldbebronzed

Leaving your gum under a table/chair/on public transit somewhere is tacky AF...but this? This is the worst.

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11. Okay there's like, a lot going on here. The drab decor. The ducks. The doilies. 

Reddit | GelatinousCubed

It's all way too much for me — I'm a minimalist millennial!

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12. Everything about this makes me cringe, tbh.

Reddit | Schmuckin

Did the person who arranged this mannequin do it with their eyes closed? Was this a dare? What happened here?

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13. OMG, I wish my work had a li'l pet frog that could hang out in my work bathroom!

Reddit | rollcroc

To be honest, everyone's sleeping on frogs, man. They're so adorable!

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14. Not to be dramatic but I just threw up in my mouth.

Reddit | Xaero95

This pic has several things that should never be seen together.

Also, food in the bathroom? Y U C K.

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