15+ Pics We Love To Hate

Diply 12 Oct 2018

They say that love and hate are two sides of the same coin. I don't know if I agree with that since it sounds like the kind of thing a bitter divorced person would tell their idealistic nieces and nephews, but I'll agree that those two emotions can be closely related.

In this case, they're related because the pictures I've collected here are the kind of thing that you'll love to hate.

1. Move over, socks and sandals.

Imgur | SupaJon

We've got a brand-new, way more offensive kind of foot-based fashion travesty to hate.

Then again, if you've put all that work into getting a great pedi then you should be able to show it off!

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2. Are you ready, kids?!

Imgur | nullbr

But no, nothing could have ever gotten the kids ready for what was about to happen to them. I mean, obviously somebody put some work into this, but if this was for my party, I'd rather everyone just stay home.

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3. I don't want nun of this.

Reddit | KatBlizzard

And this picture right here is the very reason that I don't ever iron my clothes. It's got nothing to do with my laziness or refusal to adult in any meaningful way.

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4. Apparently it's way harder than it looks.

Imgur | UsernameMustBe4CharactersOrMore

This is genuinely one of my favorite kinds of online content. I think the all-time great is the one where someone made a sign that said "Groj Sale." I still lose sleep thing about that one.

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5. Every parent knows that no matter how many toys you give your kids, the second you try to take some "me" time, they end up doing something they shouldn't.

Reddit | crou87

Apparently this particular disaster took all of two minutes to happen.

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6. Apparently after Toy Story 4, the world got a lot harder.

Reddit | Minifig81

I know that he's always been a good dude, but something about hearing Woody being described as "destroying the forces of evil" sounds a little bit more aggressive than I'd expect from our favorite cowboy.

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7. On the one hand, I absolutely understand this person's frustration.

Twitter | Twitter

On the other, I also absolutely respect this company's hustle for finding a way to sell unusable frying pans to gamers.

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8. I'm no tech expert, but I think that something is seriously wrong here.

Reddit | Family_friendly_user

Also, that monitor is an absolute unit. Look at the size of that thing. Obviously I need an upgrade.

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9. Sometimes innovation is a terrible, terrible idea.

Reddit | jmcgee653

Somebody decided that some ventilation holes would be a great idea to help these safety glasses not fog up. Which sounds great, except for the part where you're no longer protecting your eyes.

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10. Ah yes, how about some sweet, sweet irony.

Reddit | TheZhangeeVirus

Granted, Mississippi is a long word, but it's way easier to spell than that other long "M" one. Let's see how I do trying to spell it on the first try — Massachussetts. Gah, dang, I was close.

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11. I've seen some terrible calamities on the highway before, but this one might be the most tragic of all.

Reddit | Aquagenie

That's a pretty incomprehensible amount of pizza that's been strewn all over that road.

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12. Usually, panorama fails end up making weird monstrosities, but this one is just adorable.

Reddit | yaboymilky

I would drive that little truck around everywhere. And then sometimes just get out to look at it and smile.

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13. When you want that beach aesthetic, but you live really far from the water.

Reddit | saidiecat

I really can't tell if this is a lifehack or a fail. Using pasta shells instead of sea shells? Like, it's kind of brilliant, right?

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14. Whoever thought of this probably felt like they were a genius the first time they tried it.

Reddit | ThisOneNeedsADrink

Then three days later when their car smelled like crusty old mustard, things were just different.

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15. This is what I call turning a negative into a positive.

Reddit | mparks97

Anyone can look at a CVS receipt and complain about it, but it takes a true innovator to turn it into an aeshetic.

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16. Grief is hard, no matter what. But at least you've got cheesecake to get you through it.

Reddit | ShinigamiDady

In my experience, cheesecake can get you through just about anything.

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