13+ Pics That Left Us With More Questions Than Answers

Diply 20 Oct 2018

They say pictures speak a thousand words, which HONESTLY is true most times. For example, I can tell when a guy is a total basic betch when he has 14 pics of him fishing on his Insta, without even striking up a convo.

These 15 pics, however, have left me with literally one million questions and not even ONE answer!

1. Okay, hi, daddy entrepreneur. 

Reddit | Mahlachee

How does someone balance this many vastly different career choices? I can hardly function as an adult with a full-time job and an arguably below-**average social life.

Clearly, we all gotta step up our game.

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2. I got chills all over my physical body just at the sight of this.

Reddit | robeinpublic

Carpeted floor is often a mistake (sorry, not sorry) but in a washroom? Dans la toilette? With all sorts of bodily fluids SPLASHING around?

Absolutely not.

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3. Fresh meat is clearly as important to middle-aged men as contour and highlight are to Insta baddies. 

Instagram | Instagram

So regardless of your life's passions, sweet children, always remember to blend out your bronzer and dive into your local supermarket's fresh meat freezer.

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4. Speaking of fresh meat...nothing says fresh like this actual footage of an artery attack.

Reddit | Reddit

First of all, you know what no one has said, ever?

"Mmmmm, I'd love some gummy bears and raw ground pork mushed up together!"

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5. Okay, so which actual demon has embodied a bike and is impersonating it?

Reddit | Ijustwannalookatpics

Apple cider vinegar is a health elixir and we live for it but...as a hydrating beverage?

Do you want to have an esophagus?

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I accidentally didn't dilute my daily shot of ACV a few years ago and I literally couldn't breathe for like three minutes.


But to be fair, I have no cardiovascular strength, so your girl would be dying on that bike regardless, lol.

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6. Who? Who would EVER do this?

Reddit | zoopazoop

If you're shopping at the motherland (aka Ikea) you have to basically read Swedish, so you're kinda smart, therefore you're damn sure smart enough to not use DISPLAY toilets.

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7. Is this BFF goals or naaaaaaahhh????

Instagram | Instagram

If you don't have a coworker you love enough to share a family sized watermelon with, what's the point of even going to work?

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8. How has this turtle found a perfectly fitted pair of jeans and I HAVEN'T even come close yet??

Reddit | shalom54

It's hard to find jeans that fit when you're a shortie with wide hips and a below-average behind.

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Instagram | Instagram

If apple cider vinegar is a health elixir, then ketchup is a happiness elixir, and I can never get enough of the good stuff!!!

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10. I just literally SPAT out my venti iced coffee and I'm calling the police.

Twitter | @absrdst

Can you imagine walking by what you think is just your average old man car, only to see THIS inside?!

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11. You know my divorce date, not my story.

Reddit | willywoodz

I would just love to know how rough the marriage was, if this is how tough the divorce celebration is going, lol.

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12. I was wondering why my PVRed Real Housewives of New York episode wasn't playing...

Reddit | __BeastMaster__64

And here I was thinking it was the ghost of Bravo housewives past — but it's just this classic mistake we all have made, amirite?!

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13. Is this a sign of the Apocalypse????

Twitter | @smithavianac

'Cause if colored produce is truly a sign of the end times, could we at least make cucumbers pink or something super cute like that?

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14. Can this manicurist do my teeth, tho?

Twitter | @jackieaina

Getting veneers has always been a dream of mine, and with a set like that for my chompers I could literally take over the world!

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15. Okay, first of all, what fresh hell is this?

Reddit | Gypsography

Okay but also why did this person bring glasses with eyes AND a picnic basket to class?

Some questions we may never have the answers to.

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