13+ Pics Full Of Tricks And Treats

Diply 23 Oct 2018

It's the perfect time of the year for all the tricky pics. I say perfect, but I'm down at any time of the year. If a picture takes me more than a few minutes to get, then I am into it.

1. Someone is way into Halloween spirit.

Reddit | BunnyAdorbs

Is there a better way to be spooky and festive then kissing a witch? I think not, my friends. Stare at this as long as you'd like, it's mighty hard to separate those two noses.

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2. Which means that they have to deal with a demon dog every single day. 

Reddit | Sunfalling

The good part is that they certainly don't have to worry about anyone disrupting their walk together. I'd be avoiding that sharp grin at all costs.

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3. Behold, a floating fluff! 

Reddit | Dral_7

Perhaps the most magical fluffs of them all! I know it's just the angle, but don't you agree that of ALL cats, this cat does look like it would float? There's something majestic about it.

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4. If I woke up and saw this, I would think it was morning dew and go frolicking in the freshness. 

Reddit | HilariousDisaster

And then I would have to light myself on fire because those ARE ALL SPIDER WEBS!!!! This is what hell looks like, or, more accurately speaking, Australia.

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5. I've worn glasses for a heck of a long time and have never seen this happen. 

Reddit | Chrisis_

You can see the literal eyeball outlines on these lenses and that freaks me the heck out. No thank you.

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6. While it totally looks like an alien, it's a crab living its best life. 

Reddit | MOOPY1973

In what can only be called a very modern home, this crab is way ahead of the times.

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7. I'm all for unique date, but this is a little much for me.

Reddit | Paper_McGibblets

Not to mention that I know for a fact that if I pointed this out in a car, no one would believe what I saw.

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8. The cruelest trick of them all. 

Reddit | Brolurk9

A wine bottle that just LOOKS half-full is, in my books, a punishable crime. If you have this lying around your house, you are dead to me.

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9. Here's Mother Nature with the tricks once more. 

Reddit | GoodByeMyLooove

A lizard with two tails should only belong in movies that have wizards and stuff, but this is the real deal.

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10. I'm not entirely convinced that this is a leaf and not a crystal. 

Reddit | Ge0Dad

How is it clear? Is it frozen like that? Or is it just a ghost leaf, ready to spook all the forest critters?

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11. Ever feel like someone is watching you?

Reddit | Gypsography

'Cause that's the exact feeling I get while looking at this picture. And you know that those eyes can see you just fine because they are glasses after all.

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12. Honestly, I don't even know what I'm looking at here. 

Reddit | Simmo5150

I have a hard time getting my dogs in a truck, but this person has a furry friend on the back of a bike??? HOW?!

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13. So where's Sully at?

Reddit | Blindpete

Spoiler alert: This is what actually happens when you fail out of Monsters University and you really, really suck at scaring people.

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14. They never said you shouldn't scream over spilled milk. 

Reddit | Iceman5101

Really, this is my true fear. As someone who is lactose intolerant but also just a really clumsy individual.

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15. ...trees can do that?

Reddit | venomvortex11

Does this not cause some form of alarm in you? Like, trees could just fence us all in really. Form one giant maze and we are goners.

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16. Took me way too long to find the straw but okay.

Reddit | mfairview

And no, I'm not talking about the one still in its little paper wrapper. There is a straw in that glass of water!!!

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