I've got literally one goal today — to show you something that you've never seen before. Not even that, it's to show you something that you probably never even considered might be something that you'd seen before. Maybe that's too tall of an order, but darn it, I think I'm up for the challenge. So come along, random internet friends — we're going on an adventure.


1. We're all out here trying to win at stunting for the 'Gram, but I'm pretty sure that this young lady just took the gold.

Listen, it may seem tasteless to include someone's grave in an article like this. But, A) you absolutely didn't see this coming, and B) this is how she chose to celebrate her life. So really, it'd be more tasteless to not include it.

2. We're always hearing about athlete injuries, but it's actually the mascot injuries that are the most traumatic.


When was the last time you saw a football player's head come clean off, huh? Never. And I bet they wouldn't be able to stick it back on and walk it off, either.


3. Watches Robin Hood once.

3. Watches Robin Hoodonce.
Imgur |  DerpishGandolfin

"Fun" fact: Apparently this actually isn't that much of a freak occurrence. There's even a term for it, it's called telescoping. So it's not that something really weird just happened. You're just not doing enough archery.

4. Listen, I'm a huge fan of both puns and flirting, and I'll admit I could have never pulled this off.

4. Listen, I'm a huge fan of both puns and flirting, and I'll admit I could have never pulled this off.
Reddit |  ramen_poodle_soup

I'd really like to think that he spent the entire hour and ten minutes plotting out the perfect response. If he just pulled that out with no effort, I have to retire knowing that there's a true master out there like that.


5. Britney always struggled with relationships, but when she met Oscar, she knew that she mustard done something right.

Because, as the old saying goes, if you like it, then you shoulda put an onion ring on it.

6. Get Mike Tyson henna, they said. It'll be hilarious they said. 

To be fair, he should have seen it as a warning sign when the attendant kept insisting that he wouldn't get a chemical burn from it.


7. You have to give a certain amount of respect to anyone who can fail quite so spectacularly.

"Fun" fact: Did you know that movie trailers are called "trailers" because they used to be shown after the movie?

8. You ask for a puffer jacket, you get a puffer jacket.

It's not my fault you didn't realize that a puffer jacket is like a puffer fish and it can expand to absorb pretty much your entire body.


9. This explains why I keep seeing "The Chamber of Secrets Has Been Opened" written in Arabic all over the school.

Yes, I did just reference the wrong Harry Potter book. Come at me, nerds.

10. You know what? Screw it. I'm still buying tickets.

What're you growing in this field? Glastonberries? 

Hey, listen, if you think it's easy to come up with puns based on music festivals and also agriculture, you're welcome to try.


11. It's because of nonsense like this that I've just stopped reading altogether.

How much fun would it be to just have cute headlines like that. "Turtles turn up!" "Things are great!" "Gushers are still awesome!"

12. I've heard of getting pigeonholed before, but I didn't think that this is what it meant.

I was honestly expecting things to get a bit better for her in the second picture, but I'm morbidly glad that it didn't.


13. It's weird. I know that this is a pine, but it looks an awful lot like a chairy tree to me.

I have no idea why anyone would do this, but I sure do want to sit on it.

14. When it came to eating pizza, he sure had the chops.

This is my new life goal. I'm going to eat pizza weirdly every chance I get until someone puts my picture on the internet.


15. When your rap starts doing numbers on SoundCloud and you get a big head about it, but you try your best to stay humble.

15. When your rap starts doing numbers on SoundCloud and you get a big head about it, but you try your best to stay humble.
Reddit |  meirl

Sure, that may not be the most relatable situation in the world, but darn it, it fits the photo.

16. Why is this kid so swole? Why am I so jealous of a mannequin? When it's a kid, are you supposed to called it a kid-equin?

I have many questions, but no one's giving me answers. But I guess that's what we signed up for with this whole article, isn't it?