16 Satisfying Pics Of Things Being Cleaned So That We Lazy People Can Stay True To Ourselves

Diply 26 Apr 2018

I seriously need to mop my floors. Between winter slush extending all the way into April and reno projects, things are looking pretty gross.

And yet, somehow I find myself doing crazy things like my taxes to get out of cleaning.

Maybe these pics of people getting things spick-and-span will motivate me. Or just provide me with the satisfaction of a job well done without actually doing the work.

1. Power washers are incredible. 

Reddit | Jordibhoy

Look at the difference! You could barely tell the brick was bright red before.

Recently, my dad brought his washer over to power-wash my front porch. Turns out that it was far newer than we originally thought.

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2. A person really shouldn't let their fridge get this bad...

Reddit | CaptnBoots

But when it happens, the final product after cleaning is so much more satisfying. I cleaned mine recently and now I'm totally paranoid about the smallest chance of a spill.

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3. Sometimes it's not dirt that's the problem, but clutter.

Imgur | SabianBlunk

This spare room isn't the result of hoarding, but rather an extreme couponing business without proper organization.

What a difference a few hours and some proper shelving can make.

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4. That is a lot of dust and hair. Ew.

Reddit | doyoueatspam

If your vacuum doesn't seem to be doing the job it used to, this might be the reason. Got to clean out those brushes!

Though, maybe not directly on top of the carpet itself...

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5. More power-washing, because power-washing is amazing. 

Reddit | benhc1113

It looks like that patio doesn't get a lot of sun, since there was even algae growing on it. The path up the side of my house does that. A regular hose doesn't do nearly as good a job.

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6. Plus, power washers can be a lot of fun to use.

Reddit | Reddit

This guy decided to make some art on his driveway. I particularly like the shading effect he achieved on the sides of the buildings.

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7. But you don't necessarily need a power washer to make art while cleaning.

Reddit | mcb3k

The person who shared this photo just moved into their new apartment, and the floors were this dirty. Cue rant: Clean your place when you move out! Perfection is a lot to ask, but a floor like this is unacceptable.

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8. Am I the only person who feels grimy when sitting on outdoor furniture? 

Reddit | texflor

Even if the lawn chair looks like this one does post-cleaning, I still feel like I need a shower after a backyard gathering.

I am an indoor girl...

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9. That same grimy feeling prevents my sinks from reaching this stage.

Reddit | heyimtalking

I'm one of those people who keeps a box of cleaning wipes in my bathroom to wipe things down every couple of days.

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10. This platinum ring was cleaned and polished after more than 20 years.

Reddit | Soccerpro1177

While there is something really nice about the aging of a beloved ring, there is also real satisfaction to be found in bringing back that luster.

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11. "My wife cleaned the knobs off of the old cabinets in our basement."

Reddit | Reddit

While I like a bit of patina on my antique hardware, these definitely went a few (dozen) steps too far. They look great all shined up!

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12. This is actually a before and after from a hoarder's home.

Imgur | xTrekSuubie

It's things like this that really illustrate how hoarding can be a serious health issue, both mental and physical. There were cobwebs in the tub!

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13. Let this be a reminder that you should clean your guitar regularly.

Reddit | gsmaciel

That's all finger grease, dead skin, and whatever was being snacked on at years of open mic nights.

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14. Yeah...I should probably clean my fridge's coils some time soon.

Reddit | ShesGotSauce

I know I haven't done it since I moved in, and who knows when the previous owner did it last.

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15. This kind of passive-aggressiveness takes a lot of dedication.

Reddit | ordin22

When this person's wife disagreed about whether or not the floor was gross, she said he should clean half to prove there was a difference.

It is not a tile floor.

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16. One more satisfying power-washing photo before the end.

Reddit | Iamjimmym

Look how that spray is clearing away a year of dirt and moss from the AstroTurf.

I feel so much more satisfied now, but I wouldn't place any bets on my floor getting cleaned today...

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