13+ Pics That Are Neato, Like A Burrito

Diply 22 Oct 2018

There's really just one criterion for a picture being allowed onto this illustrious list. I had to stumble across it and feel a feeling like, "huh, neat!" as I went past.

So what I'm hoping for is that by compiling them all into one super-gallery of neatness, your day just gets a little bit better? Sound good? Good.

1. For as long as Christmas trees have been a thing, cats have sought to destroy their natural enemy.

Reddit | BlondeAussieGirl1990

Fortunately, this one intrepid holiday celebrator figured out that if you just have treetops, your holiday decorations might stay in one piece.

This is, of course, forgetting about the fact that cats can jump.

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2. I have no idea if it's true, but I feel like this pepper gets hotter the closer to the stem you get.

Reddit | etymologynerd

Sounds like an eating competition we should all do in the office and film for some kind of viral video. Who's in?

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3. Nice to see that Taylor Swift finally found her Halloween costume.

Reddit | SleepyDeity

To be honest, I'm happy to see her owning the whole snake thing. And I appreciate her restraint in not going too far with it and doing entire concerts crawling around on her belly.

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4. I know that Quasimodo's not winning any beauty pageants, but that's got to hurt.

Reddit | salmonknuckles

Why not "bellringer" or "hunchback" or "poster child for how to behave when the girl you like picks the handsome guy" instead?

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5. If this isn't me on a diet...

Reddit | infectedzombieguy

I'm the worst at this sort of thing. I'll eat healthy for, like, half an hour, and then decide that I deserve a reward for doing so. And then I'll eat something to punish myself right afterward.

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6. Apparently, this is a thing that we're doing now.

Reddit | sirnameusername

Actually, I dig this idea. Imagine picking up this book in 20 years and thinking back about how we first learned about Supreme Leader Mason Ramsey.

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7. We've seen some pretty ridiculous receipts from CVS before, but this one was for a free flu shot.

Reddit | forgottenGost

$0.00. Let that sink in for multiple seconds. Pretty soon, a receipt will print out as soon as you think about a CVS.

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8. I am honestly here for this mood from the very-done-with-this people at Chick-fil-A.

Reddit | BigJCD1

Polite but sassy, this is the kind of vibe that I want to bring into my day-to-day life.

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9. Sometimes ineptitude is worthy of commemoration.

Reddit | radioana

Apparently, this dad's janky plasterwork was so renowned that they just decided to frame it instead of redoing it. I like the extra touch of putting it inside a pretty trash-looking frame too.

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10. Now that I know that this exists, I don't think any other statues will measure up.


This whole time, we thought that Michaelangelo's David just needed some pants. Turns out he needed a velociraptor.

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11. Apparently, this is what chips bags look like when they get shipped up to 7,000 feet above sea level.

Reddit | goodlyearth

Honestly, I kind of want to take a regular bag of chips and climb a mountain until they explode. That's possible, right?

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12. Honestly, just a straight-up great idea.

Reddity | hirsty19784

I don't even have any sassy commentary to add to this one. If only because my editors would cut out my very distasteful jokes.

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13. I genuinely didn't know that this was allowed.

Reddit | whytho37

Now I want 26 different license plates, one with each letter of the alphabet. I'm sure someone already beat me to it, but it's what I want.

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14. This may very well be the Holy Grail of frozen treats.

Reddit | Reddit

Again, I didn't know you were allowed to just jam Oreos into things to make them better. This is a gamechanger.

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15. This delivery is so snug, it's almost a shame to bring it into the house.

Reddit | lowend311

I'd be tempted to just order three new ones of whatever that was and then keep the originals as a box fort at the front door.

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16. Why is this mistranslation so real?

Reddit | idea4granted

It's like Hulk Hogan's theme song goes — "When it comes crashing down and it hurt inside." Too real? Not neat enough? Too bad!

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