24 Petty People Share Their Sweetest Revenge

Diply 24 Aug 2017

They say that revenge usually isn't as fulfilling as it seems, but over the years, people have found a way to enjoy getting their petty on. All they had to do was lower the stakes as much as possible.

The tales of revenge we'll be hearing today aren't grand and life-changing and that's exactly what makes them work.

Besides, the smaller the revenge, the harder it is to get found out.

1. This mom shows that sometimes it's less about revenge and more about making sure the credit goes where it's due.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

As long as the dad isn't really good with Photoshop, he won't be able to make himself look good with this one.

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2. Well, this is just what you have to do when people aren't putting respect on your name.

Reddit | Priscus

Somehow, my mom gets this problem in person. You'd think Maria would be a hard name to get wrong but she keeps getting "Marie" and "Marcia."

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3. Let this be a lesson: The price of disrespect can be high when you're surrounded by hot sand.

Reddit | redragon546

Looks like her idea to pretend they weren't there only made her stuff actually disappear. Doesn't really seem worth it, huh?

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4. Haha, if only we all got to have our satisfaction this easily.

Reddit | SDJT

Nothing beats that feeling when those who wrong you only end up making themselves miserable without you doing anything at all.

Bonus points if you can even say you tried to prevent it.

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5. Well, this just sounds like a total madhouse.

MetalSucks | MetalSucks

Kids going through doggy doors, shocking betrayals, and the senseless destruction of innocent, musical toothbrushes? When will the carnage end?

Well, I assume it ended years ago — unless she's still watching her toothbrush like a hawk.

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6. This seems like a good way to get yourself in a lot of trouble, so this person's lucky they weren't found out.

Reddit | Reddit

Although the fact that the company those guys just finished dissing suddenly won't stop pestering them with dynamo deals should have been a clue.

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7. I assume he had already taken a drink or you think they would have just stolen it back.

Reddit | age104

But I suppose that all depends on what's stronger, their thirst — or their thirst for revenge. Watching them sadly dump out their bag would be worth feeling parched.

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8. If you're gonna do something messed up to bae (but like, don't), then don't be like this woman. Change your Netflix password.

YouTube | The Bootstrap MF

Unless you really like getting spiteful recommendations, forgetting this step can make things suck pretty hard pretty quickly.

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9. I have to admit, leaving his laundry unguarded so soon after a prank was a rookie mistake.

Reddit | slippery_sausage69

That said, I don't think I'd be able to look at a bottle of glitter without shivering for months if this happened to me.

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10. Wow, I can't imagine what this guy could have done to deserve this kind of cruelty.

Reddit | Ratherlargefeet

Getting bugged like crazy about goats you don't have would be bad enough without the part where you only have a 50/50 shot of understanding the callers.

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11. But wait, it looks like there's another one! What is it with vague grievances and fake Craigslist ads?

Reddit | gnarlycharlie4u

I wouldn't recommend following this person's example because there's no telling what a man is capable of when he's deprived of sleep due to midnight fridge calls.

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12. I like how we never get a reason why this roommate was annoying. But does it matter in this case?

Reddit | OrangeGoose_

I mean, getting him to blame the TV for this pettiness was pretty slick. Bonus points for also getting the TV for the rest of the night.

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13. Well, I suppose this teaches me to never mess with a marketing genius.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

There's nothing like realizing somebody just made a lot of money by dissing you to really make the taste of defeat set in.

And that taste is about as unsatisfying as their burgers. Hey-oh!

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14. Wow, so these people weren't even smart enough to try the last-minute apology trick? That's pretty delicious.

Reddit | Reddit

I guess they're not just fumbling through the dark in the bathroom, but also through the game of life. It really makes you think.

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15. Ah, what better revenge is there than giving somebody what they want in the worst possible way?

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

I'd like to think that whoever put this up got mad at first but then had to weigh the pros and cons for a while.

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16. Man, I really need to know what this coworker did to invite this full-scale nasal assault.

Reddit | Snarky75

Even before they let it age for a week (which makes me shudder), I'd already hate this because it's probably among my least favorite smells.

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17. I kinda had to draw out a diagram for this one, but I think I've got it now.

Reddit | emmartin65

Either she's a genius for convincing this dude to walk into such an obvious trap or we're not gonna see a lot of Nobel Prizes in this guy's future.

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18. As great as a long, fierce takedown can be (just ask Eminem), sometimes one word is just as satisfying.

Instagram | @thesavageposts

I love that this man went with "coward," like the trials and tribulations of hardcore bingo were just too tough for their grandchild and they wimped out.

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19. Yikes, if this is how this person settles their disputes, I can see why their dad usually locks his bedroom door.

Reddit | FordoGreenman

Like, what did they do when they were grounded for staying out after curfew? Grab the raw chicken and wait for their moment?

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20. Wow, even a subscription to the jelly of the month club would be a better wedding present than this.

Instagram | @hereforthebanter_

If nothing else, this should go a long way towards speeding up the divorce proceedings. So his lawyer will be happy even though he isn't.

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21. I have to admit, I really love the snap decision making here. 

Reddit | Ilikegeometrysowhat

And in this case, totally grossing out the parents has the added bonus of plausible deniability. After all, we know this wasn't some unfortunate accident, but they don't.

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22. But of course, that doesn't mean it's impossible for revenge to be accidental and satisfying.

Instagram | @menshumor

Well, at least until all five of these people blow up this dude's phone demanding to know why he doesn't like them.

Them's the breaks, I guess.

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23. Wait, does this brother not like Spanish music or the Spanish language in general?

Reddit | @trexradar87

'Cause if this guy thinks he's too good for one of the world's most romantic and lyrical languages, I think he deserved what he got here.

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24. Well, if nothing else, this should at least tell her how annoying it is when she does it. 

Movies, Films and Flix | Movies, Films and Flix

I feel like she should have said some kind of one-liner before she walked away, but I also can't think of anything that's both clever and relevant.

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