Pete Davidson And Ariana Grande Keep Getting Tattoos Together, And Twitter Is Concerned

Diply 4 Jun 2018

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are continuing their adorable takeover of my social media feeds, and this time, it's serious.

These two have already cornered the market on adorable Harry Potter thirst traps, and now, they're kicking it up a notch by declaring their love in a very permanent way.

ICYMI: Pop princess Ariana Grande and Pete "could easily be a member of Fall Out Boy but is actually a comedian" Davidson are officially dating. 

Instagram | @petedavidson

And it has been a wild ride!

These two have been going out for less than a month, and it already feels like I've been hearing about them for ten years.

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If celebrity drama is your cup of tea, than Pete and Ariana (Pariana? Arete?) are truly the couple to watch. 

Twitter | @maha_akbor

Both Ariana and Pete recently ended long-term relationships with other people, so their new relationship certainly took fans by surprise.

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Clearly, it's a whirlwind romance.

Twitter | @bestgu

And I love it.

Early on in their relationship, an eagle-eyed fan noticed that both Ariana and Pete are sporting matching cloud tattoos on their middle fingers, and fans collectively lost their minds.

However, Pete has officially upped the ante.

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Pete's tattoo artist recently revealed on his Instagram story that Pete now has not one, but TWO Ariana Grande tattoos. 

Twitter | @PopCrave


For those of you keeping track at home, that means Pete now has three tattoos that are related to his new relationship with Ariana.

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One of Pete's new tats pays homage to Ariana's iconic "Dangerous Woman" bunny ears. 

Instagram | @londonreese

Honestly, this is a pretty cool tattoo.

He had the image tattooed behind his ear. Ariana has a bee tattooed in the same place to show her solidarity with the community of Manchester, England following the bomb attack on her concert there.

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The second tattoo, however, is what has fans concerned. 

Twitter | @PopCrave

Pete had Ariana's initials tattooed on his hand!

Stanning someone's art is one thing, but getting a tattoo of a significant other's name or initials is something else.

Isn't this exactly what our parents told us not to do? Oh, Pete. You rebel, you.

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Of course, Twitter had a lot to say.

Twitter | @DanaSchwartzzz

When doesn't Twitter have a lot to say?

Fans can't seem to decide if the new tattoos are romantic or way too impulsive.

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Of course, let's keep in mind that none of this is our business! 

Twitter | @octaviafloss

Ariana and Pete can do whatever they want! We're just here to watch the drama unfold and have literally no stake in this.

However, some fans are definitely concerned that the couple is moving too quickly, especially since they both just got out of relationships.

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Other fans pointed out that this isn't the first time that Pete has got a tattoo for a girlfriend. 

Instagram | @cazziedavid

While Pete was dating Cazzie David, he got a tattoo of a self-portrait she'd drawn as a child on his arm.

Cazzie doesn't seem phased in the slightest by Pariana, BTW.

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Of course, there are a lot of fans who love and support Pete and Ariana's new tattoos.

Twitter | @lagraciacubana

I mean, the tattoos are undeniably adorable!

I'm a sucker for tiny tattoos, what can I say?

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Pete and Ariana now get to join the long list of celebs who have declared their love for each other by getting inked. 

Giphy | Giphy

Nick Cannon and Johnny Depp both famously got tattoos for Mariah Carey and Winona Ryder, respectively...

...and they also famously got those tattoos altered.

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Pete and Ariana seem super happy, so we're nothing but happy for them.

Oh No They Didn't | Oh No They Didn't

Honestly, keep this content coming, you two! It's adorable and wildly entertaining.

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