16 People Whose Permanent Address is Regretsville

Diply 11 May 2018

Regrets, I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention. Yes, we're starting with the late, great Frank Sinatra. And if you don't know who that is...well, now I feel old.

Anywho, although Frank wasn't one to dwell on his mistakes, I'm going to guess the next 16 people — and a couple animals — can't say the same.

Come revel in their failures. You'll regret it if you don't.

1. The only thing she shouldn't regret is wearing that dress.

Reddit | ShakyLetters

If you're going to try to jump over posts and the like, you need clothing that'll support your weight and poor life choices.

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2. Actually throwing up in my mouth a little here.

Twitter | @thrillathechase

Imagine going in for a scoop of delicious frosting and ending up with a mouthful of bacon grease instead. Yes, I believe we all just died a little inside.

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3. Hard to say who has the most regrets. 

Imgur | PrincessBuahcwup

Is it the big guy for choosing a middle seat? Or the travelers on either side of him who decided to fly economy in the first place?

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4. This poor pupper is now chocolate-dipped.

Reddit | Reddit

This li'l fluffy lady just thought she was going for a swim. Now the only paddling she'll be doing is the swim o' shame through the bathtub.

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5. Really? This seemed like a good idea?

Giphy | Giphy

"Hey man, let's drop a tire on your junk from a good distance up. That cool with you?" "Yeah, bruh, that is a most excellent plan."

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6. His tat might say "nerd chic"...

Imgur | robedhapa

But his face says, "I've made a terrible mistake." Maybe he can get a new tattoo on his forehead that says, "makes real bad decisions."

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7. Welp, I guess that ladder lives there now.

Imgur | DerpMeister

Which could come in handy. You always know where the ladder is. And if you need to get up high on that side of the house, you're all set.

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8. You might haul, but you ain't moving any farther.

Imgur | ashIG88

It's probably safe to say they're not getting their deposit back. It's also probably safe to say they're not real bright and probably shouldn't be driving a U-Haul in the first place.

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9. "Sure, you can climb up on my shoulders."

Imgur | ashIG88

The things fellas do on the off chance they might get to go home with a girl. Stay strong, brother. I'm sure this concert's only, like, a few more hours.

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10. If I fits, I sits.


I don't think that saying applies here, kitty cat. Although, we all do admire your total devotion to trying to work yourself into the most uncomfortable position possible.

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11. Mmm...subway floor pizza.

Imgur | thebadhorse

Poor lady. She probably just grabbed some 'za on her way home after a long day. A long day that's about to become a long night. Hopefully, there's wine in the bag, too.

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12. Dear lord, please let this video be real.

Giphy | Giphy

IMO, this guy should be thankful he saved himself the time of having to floss between his front teeth to get all that corn out.

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13. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Imgur | crazycatlady1996

Aren't you just loving the WTF faces of the paramedics? Like, they kinda wanna be helpful because that's their job. But mostly, they really don't want to have to touch this guy.

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14. "It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand."

Imgur | bug55

Oh, I think we all understand quite well why this is such a perfect example of why idiots and off-roading don't mix.

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15. That'll make you cry into your rosé. 

Imgur | underpantswizard

Always have a bottle opener on hand, kids. But hey, at least you can get to the wine now! Though, depending on how clean that knife was, you may not want to.

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16. Why napping and baking don't mix.

Imgur | TacticalSergeant

Unless, of course, you like your fries and tater tots extra, extra, extra, well done. Meh, they're probably fine. Just throw some extra ketchup on them. No one will notice.

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