16 Perfect Pics Not Even Photoshop Could Pull Off

Diply 13 Apr 2018

Whether it's the result of perfect timing or merely the random confluence of events, these spectacular pics have staying power. In some cases, the image was captured by a patient and skilled photographer, waiting for just the right moment and just the right light. In others, it's just a fortuitous frame of bad luck about to happen.

1. We've all heard of Vans footwear but this is ridiculous

Reddit | ntisch23

Some think this is a clever guerrilla marketing ploy and it sure is hard to believe this is random. Still, you have to admire the thought and effort that was put into this, right down to those matching Nike Swooshes.™

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2. A bridge too far: And you thought you were having a bad day

Reddit | deftonesdid911

The timing of this photo is remarkable. Some folks are flailing in mid-air but others reacted quickly enough to grab onto the railing. Hopefully, the photographer put down their gear and lent a hand after grabbing this pic.

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3. If you're going to hit the mall for those Black Friday sales, dodge the crowd and blend in with these camouflage shoes

Reddit | nevinarnold1

They'll never see you coming. You can swoop in and bag some discounted items and then hop back on the escalator. It'll all be a blur!

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4. They don't take pictures like this anymore — thank goodness

Reddit | ConnorBig

The rise of helicopter parenting and the ever-encroaching nanny state means classic snaps of frightened, crying tots are now few and far between. Wonder which child is the first born?

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5. "Open the pod bay doors, HAL."

Reddit | Tokyo_Jones

This photo of the moon taken through a telescope looks like a scene right out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The telescope used was an Orion 10 Dobsonian. Cool pic.

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6. Home, James: Crows are so smart they've started riding vultures to conserve energy 

Reddit | mybustersword

One clever poster wins the mic drop award for saying this crow is using a new ride-sharing app called Ubird.

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7. Great photography takes planning, patience and solid gear

Reddit | melp

This shooter knows their stuff. They get themselves into the right position with the right zoom lens and dial in on that turtle's mug at the optimal moment with a wide aperture to ensure a shallow depth of field. Great pic.

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8. And sometimes it takes all of those things plus a lift from your understanding girlfriend in the middle of the night

Reddit | mschillerphoto

This photographer desperately wanted this pic at night, so he bribed his lady with the offer of a nice dinner to drive him three hours. Might be easier to just buy a car.

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9. The Poseidon adventure: An eerie face appears in the waves

Reddit | tish3rd

This would definitely make a great album cover. That mug looks like a cross between Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix.

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10. Bad buzz: How can she not see this coming?

Reddit | Endless_Vanity

If she wasn't so transfixed on the camera, she might have an inkling of what was about to happen. The only saving grace is the astonishing water trail. The cup might actually be empty when it finally makes contact.

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11. This would be a great image for a "Looks like it's going to be one of those days" posters

Reddit | stargate54

This poor fish was just minding his own business when he jumped right into the waiting mouth of a double-crested cormorant. This doesn't end well.

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12. Whatever you do, don't mess with Mother Nature

Reddit | sabesanx

This picture looks absolutely apocalyptic, with the multi-coloured bolts of lightning and the ominous clouds. Might be wise to spend the day on the couch.

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13. He wouldn't have pulled a stunt like this when they were merely engaged, but now that there's a ring on her finger...

Reddit | bixnok

The shocked look on this new bride's face says it all. She wasn't expecting her husband to scoop her up so perilously close to the water's edge.

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14. "If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the B-Team"

Reddit | unknown_human

The B stands for Bionic, and these four heroes also look like they mean Business with a capital B.

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15. Finally! Donuts you can eat with a spoon!

Reddit | goat1234

These Cheerio donuts are cute and it took some painstaking work to make them look so real, especially the ones with those tiny sprinkles. The price is certainly right.

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16. This stunning photo takes you right inside a rolling wave

Reddit | qperX

The timing is absolutely perfect but the location of the shot is spectacular as well. It's like the camera is in the water pointed right at the setting sun.

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