16 People With Admirable Ambition

Diply 4 May 2018

You never know what you can do until you try. At least that's what the philosophers of the world say. There's definitely something to be said for trying new things and taking risks in the name of exploring your potential.

But a word of warning — since those things have to be included on everything these days — make sure the risks you're taking actually have potential to succeed.

Some of the following people really missed that memo, and the rest are right on the line. To be fair though, I can admire their ambition.

1. This person who highly overestimates the power of small U-Haul trucks.

Reddit | OC4815162342

"I'd like to rent a truck and hitch. What am I towing? Oh, nothing much, it's not important." One question though: if you're moving the entire house, why do you need a moving truck, too?

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2. The designer who tried to reinvent pants.

Reddit | BlueChainsawMan

Any person with a creative career will tell you that it's challenging to consistently come up with fresh ideas. So, this designer get points for thinking outside the box. Like, don't get me wrong, no one's gonna wear these. But, at least they tried.

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3. These people who will do anything to avoid paying for parking.

Reddit | MaximusRy

"Good luck giving me a ticket up here!" If this were real, I'd give them an A++ for dedication, but also an F for foresight. How exactly are you planning to get down? But apparently this is just a used car sculpture.

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4. This former high schooler who had big plans for himself. 


In school, our parents and teachers tell us we can be whatever we want. Kaine took that a little too seriously. I hope he hasn't disappointed too many dates so far!

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5. The bus driver who thought they could fit in this spot. 

Reddit | belinck

This is pretty alarming and begs the question, what the hell happened?! And because the universe is an expert at serving up irony, the green sign to the right reads "safety."

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6. This guy who has always wanted to own his own dairy bar.

Reddit | MyDougs

This is "udderly" disgusting. Not to mention, he's not even serving milk! Beer served at body temperature, with too much head, poured from an udder? Um...I think I'll pass. Even the unicorns are perplexed.

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7. This person who had to prove they could get their materials home without renting a truck. 

Reddit | Legownz

To be fair, it appears to be working. That being said, I personally would've used the easily accessible rack on top of the vehicle, designed specifically for carrying oversized items. To each their own, I guess!

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8. This chip brand trying to create new and exciting flavors.

Imgur | lfYouChooseNotToDecideYouStiIlHaveMadeAChoice

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the chip flavour you never asked for! I'm not sure "excited" would be my word of choice if I bit into one of these. Alarmed? Sure. Puzzled? Definitely.

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9. The person who tried to make a keepsake teddy with their kid's lost teeth.

Reddit | John-Appleseed_

Their heart was in the right place. The teeth clearly were not. This precious keepsake turned out a lot more like nightmare fuel.

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10. This person who refuses to be scammed by delivery fees.

Imgur | Tiffeh

That's how they get you! You've already given them a ton of cash for these majestic trees, and now they're trying to charge you extra fees for delivery and proper planting?! It's not rocket science. What could possibly go wrong?

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11. The construction workers who thought they could leave this while they went on break.

Reddit | mark_s

I'm no architectural engineer, so I could be wrong, but I feel like more bolts are required for a beam of this size.

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12. This company trying to break into a niche market.

Bowden's Own | Bowden's Own

For the person who really, really loves their car. Feel closer to your car than ever when you slip into this onesie buffing suit. Fun for everyone! Best part yet? It only costs $300.

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13. This person who wanted to grow their taxidermy chess collection.

Reddit | Enszic

Look, I'm all for family game night. It's a great way to bond. But in this case, you're only going to traumatize everyone involved. Those eyes. Those eyes will haunt my dreams forever.

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14. The con artist who thought they were gonna make some solid cash with this idea.

Reddit | maustin829

It's almost precious that they thought this would work. Sure, there's the occasional token idiot who will fall for the promise of "$1M value," but your average millennial won't be fooled.

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15. The person who expects too much out of duct tape.

Reddit | panzerxiii

Either that or they totally bought into that piece of dad wisdom that says everything can be fixed with one of two ways: If it moves and shouldn't, use duct tape, and if it doesn't move and should, use WD40.

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16. The homeowner who thought a new paint job would increase their property value.

Reddit | plofkipcs

You can't fool me! I know a cheap knockoff when I see one! The giveaway? A real Louis Vuitton house would never be caught with a chain link fence!

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