16 People Whose Judgement Is Questionable At Best

Diply 15 May 2018

If we're being honest, we make some pretty questionable decisions. From fashion mistakes to workplace snafus, you can count on us to make a mess of things.

Some people, though, take the "questionable" dial and crank that baby straight to "11." One look at their decisions and you'll feel like the most responsible person in the world!

Don't believe us? Keep reading to see the most questionable decisions on the planet!

1. It's doubly funny when he peels out

Reddit | rpty

We've seen a lot of weird cars, but we're pretty sure this banana mobile takes the cake (or, at bare minimum, it takes the banana split). One thing's for sure: we won't catch him "slipping" anytime soon!

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2. The most dangerous game? Marriage

Reddit | SethMelchior

We're guessing that this was an attempt at humor, but this is basically a textbook example of a cry for help. And considering that it was back in 2015, we guess it's too late to help this couple avoid years of therapy.

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3. It turns out there is a wrong way to relax

Reddit | chrissphinx

Look, summer is around the corner, so we get the need to sit back and relax in the water. But this looks less like a small pool and more like where Dexter would hide a body!

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4. We're a little scared to see the rest of the jewelry

Reddit | betsy4

While they say it's the thought that counts, anyone getting you toilet paper earrings needs to get some new thoughts! Plus, half the people you meet will think they're facing the wrong way.

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5. When your bad first impression is downright biblical

Reddit | biblio-lavendula

Nothing quite says "you can trust me" like making yourself look like a literal snake. Plus, if you already have a pet, do you want to put up with even more shedding around the house?

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6. The one baby that he's going to like changing

Reddit | OddTho

We're not quite sure how ethical your fake baby flask is, but once the fast passes run out, we'll probably wish we had thought of doing this!

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7. It's always a bad sign when you're paying more for less

Reddit | heputmystuffinjello

Look, you can wear these "lace up jeans" only if it's part of your superhero costume. And if you're about to go on patrol, we want to report a fashion crime in progress!

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8. Grandma may have misunderstood the phrase "getting lit"

Reddit | katibarthedoor

Grandma, if you're going to freak us all out with your creepy aura, you should just do it the old-fashioned way and haunt us as a ghost!

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9. Nothing hurts like your mouth(s)

Reddit | yellow_steel

We're all laughing at this terrible shirt, but this may be a new diet breakthrough: one look and we've pretty much lost all will to eat anything ever again!

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10. These Halo games just keep getting more realistic

Reddit | JoeinJapan

We thought it was crazy that she added a minigun to this, but when she said it helped her deal with the local HOA, we understood completely.

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11. Until death (or respawn) do us part?

Reddit | B4rrett50c

When the theme of your wedding is how much the groom hates everything about it, we're pretty sure war is about to extend beyond Call of Duty.

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12. Special orders don't upset us, but this one surprised us

Reddit | MadamOxide

People get so caught up in whether McDonald's or Burger King are better that none of us saw the Burger Viking driving up until it was too late.

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13. When you let a Mario Kart player design their truck

Reddit | Nxtinventor

You know how it is: you get used to all those weird car customization options, and pretty soon you're treating the interstate like a real-life Rainbow Road.

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14. For the pet lovers who are a little tired of life

Reddit | The_Answer_Is_42__

While we can't argue that this looks pretty cute, we don't think this relationship ends with the owner having all of their limbs!

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15. That's just a wreck waiting to happen

Reddit | SuperCub

We appreciate the attempt to play Mechanic MacGyver, but if we wanted to see something falling apart and barely holding it together, we'd just take a damn selfie!

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16. This is not how you play "cat and mouse"

Reddit | Walking33Legend

We're not sure what weird experiments this person is running, but to paraphrase Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters: "Mice and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!"

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