15+ People Who Won't Be Calming It Down Anytime Soon

Diply 29 Jun 2018

When we find ourselves getting hyper, not even strapping us down can really stop it. Until this burst of silly energy wears itself out, we'd probable still be saying random things, laughing hysterically, and making fart noises.

And because we have so much experience with the weird hyper zone, it doesn't take long to spot when other people just booked a one-way ticket there.

Today, we're gonna go on safari and study that crazy energy in action.

1. Apparently, this guy just decided to climb up here one day wearing only his boxers.

Reddit | Reddit

If he's the one who put the signs up, I can only assume he was yelling similar things with that megaphone.

I do know he (safely) did a backflip off it, though.


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2. I didn't even know llama shows existed until now, but this lobster-fishing theme seems like a great introduction to this undiscovered world.

Reddit | TheKeasbyKnight

If these two didn't win, I really need to know what managed to top a llama adorably waving its claws at everyone.

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3. I don't know what reason anyone has to shave a bird besides eating it, but I suppose what's done is done.

Reddit | Simranjit16

I'd kinda like to know how the bird feels about this, though. I guess it won't get cold this time of year, but still...

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4. I suppose we all knew this day was coming, but that doesn't make it any easier to watch Geoffrey the Giraffe leave.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Wherever he's going, I just hope it's a place where he can find happiness. It looks like it'll be warm, at least.

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5. Well, I suppose they'd have a hard time thinking of a better third wheel than this.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

He won't get jealous of what y'all have, he'll patiently sit there while you talk about inside stuff he won't get, and he's good for breaking up fights.

Solid choice, really.

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6. Haha, I suppose this would be a pretty effective way to make sure people give you their full attention.

Reddit | ultramongol

You may never know who this was or why he made you so uncomfortable, but you'll remember exactly where the detour you need to take is.

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7. Wearing your favorite player's jersey is great and all, but this is how real fans show that they're down to ride no matter what.


Just remember that this only works if the player's hairstyle kind of resembles ramen. Otherwise, they'll just get confused.

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8. For the good of our collective well-being, I really hope this clown finds a way to calm it down and stop popping up like a bad jump scare.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

Because it's safe to say that "calm" will only be a memory for anybody who lives here.

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9. I don't know what I would tell the victim of this shocking crime, but I know it would never involve the words, "Calm down."

Reddit | bmahoney69

Even if, as a complete stranger, I gave them a comforting hug, it has a better chance of being well-received and helpful.

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10. Am I the only one who thinks it's kind of odd that she's the worried one here? As if we're the ones who look suspicious right now?

Instagram | @nochill

No matter what crazy designs are on my shirt at the moment, I've still only got two eyes and one face.

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11. I can't remember if the Bible even described what Jesus was wearing, but I know it didn't say anything about these outfits. 

Twitter | @DannyDutch

The part where he invented break dancing checks out, though. I think they brought that up in the back somewhere.

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12. It takes a brave soul to wear a hat like that outside because if the hungry dogs and seagulls don't get you, the barbeque enthusiasts will.

Reddit | zivinkxter

I can almost hear them chanting, "It's still good! It's still good!" as they slowly advance on him like zombies.

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13. I don't know why Shrek is orange, either, but this might be the happiest I've ever seen him, so I'm not gonna question it.

Reddit | Reddit

And it's good to know that they're giving the kids a positive role model to follow.

What's Donkey so smug about, though?

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14. If this kid is playing online, I'll bet everyone else on his team is wondering why he keeps barking orders at them.

Reddit | TRFlippeh

Watching him deal with trolls would be hilarious, though.

"We had a comedian like you in Fortnite. He wasn't so funny when the shelling started, maggot."

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15. Haha, it's like they couldn't decide what kind of hippie they wanted to be, so they decided to create a VW Frankenstein.

Reddit | pierharper

I'm kinda curious, though, Would this still count as a punch buggy? I'm legitimately sure this rule has never come up.

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16. As far as I'm concerned, you'd better like this girl's selfies because the journey of taking them probably gave her feet grill marks.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Apparently, you need at least one patent under your belt if you want to get above 20,000 followers because she probably invented that.

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