16 People Who Took A Weird Situation And Made It Better

Diply 3 May 2018

Sometimes, life throws you a curveball, and things get weird.

When things go wrong or are just plain bizarre, it's how you handle the situation that matters.

And sometimes, coping with a strange situation calls for a little strange thinking. Sometimes you have to get creative. You have to think outside of the box. Just like these people have done.

Their solutions may not totally make sense, but at least they tried to make a weird situation better.

1. This person who forgot to wash their dishes. 

Reddit | indi_n0rd

They didn't want just any bowl, 'cause how gross is it when your foods touch? Apparently, not grosser than using a bug filled car ornament — but hey, at least there's some extra protein!

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2. This man who had to get creative when it flooded. 


Quick, someone patent this idea! These DIY "stilt" shoes could be the answer to making traveling in flooded areas that much easier. Either that or a solution for short people problems.

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3. This person who mastered the art of crunchy cereal. 

Imgur | BostonFan781

Clearly, this guy has an issue with soggy cereal, which is why he came up with this solution. Personally, I like the crumbs but maybe it's just me? Either way, this is pretty genius.

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4. This driver who found an incredible way to make crash damage look stylish. 

Reddit | megatronxxl

Can't afford to fix your car after an accident? Don't panic! Buy a Jurassic Park sticker and people will think it was a dinosaur that got you. At least, that's what you can tell your insurance company.

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5. This person who got the best picture ever from the wrong number. 

Imgur | RyilSyer

Why poke the moose when there's a perfectly good pool at your neighbor's place, amirite? It's too bad this picture landed in the wrong hands!

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6. This guy who found a new place to practice his kickflip. 

Imgur | Geostronomology

Sure, you could get sad when disaster strikes, or you could get glad. This guy's road turned into a sweet ramp after an earthquake, so he obviously had to take advantage.

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7. This person who was sick of being rear-ended. 

Reddit | PhoneDojo

This driver is desperately hoping that putting a stop sign on their car will prevent them from being hit by another reckless driver. Somehow, I don't think it will... Some drivers just have all the bad luck.

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8. This guy who made the ultimate mistake tattoo mistake. 

Imgur | SmiteGoddess

That's one way to "cover" a tattoo. We all have that one friend who doesn't listen and gets his girlfriend's name tattooed on his arm — and then lives to regret it. *Facepalm*

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9. This guy with the best costume ever. 

Reddit | melburymestar

Either this guy dressed up as a giant chicken nugget voluntarily or he's been kidnapped and dressed up to fulfil some weird fetish. Whatever's going on, at least there's lots of nuggets to munch on.

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10. These guys who took a disaster and made it fun. 

Reddit | Reddit

"Hey Bob, did you see that flood outside?" "Yeah, it washed out all the cars!" "Awesome! Should we take my remote control cruise ship out for a spin then?"

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11. This person who made the most of a snow drift and created a natural beer fridge.

Reddit | RedSquirrelFtw

When you're stuck at home due to heavy snow fall, all there is to do is party. And everyone knows that you can't party without ice cold beer.

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12. This person who didn't let traffic dull their entrepreneurial spirit. 

Reddit | Deders14

Selling ice cream when there's a traffic jam is a stroke of pure genius. Instead of sitting about wasting time and losing money, this person recognized a prime business opportunity staring them in the face.

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13. This guy who really wants a date. 

Reddit | KillerBeeTX

This driver is clearly a creative guy. His wife hfas left him, he wants a date, so what does he do? Advertise his newly found singleness on his car. Now, that's one way to get yourself a date...

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14. This parent who turned their daughter into Deadpool. 

Reddit | Reddit

This parent decided to have some fun with their damaged car and make it look like their daughter has superhuman strength... Or is she actually a future Hit Girl?

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15. This person who found humor in a devastating situation. 

Imgur | terry1847035

A cracked phone screen is most people's idea of a nightmare. Instead of getting it fixed, this person managed to turn the crack in their phone into a piece of art. Talk about positive thinking.

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16. This woman who knew cake was the answer to heartbreak. 

Imgur | shapingsense

What a great idea, holding a divorce party. I mean, at least that way there's dancing, drinking, and a lot of cake... Breakups are always weird, but cake makes everything better.

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