13+ People Who Knew When Enough Was Enough

Diply 9 Jul 2018

As motivating as it is when people tell us not to give up, sometimes you just have to, for the sake of your own sanity. When something isn't working right, there comes a time when the only option the brain can come up with is to get someone else to fix it — or to chuck the problem in a lake.

So let's just say that I hope the people on this list know someone handy, because they're dangerously close to that second option.

1. I know this ain't hurting something that makes nuclear blasts every second, but it's about sending a message.

Instagram | @thesavageposts

Although I assume the sun is doing its best to set a good temperature for us and doesn't actively hate us.

There's not much evidence of that.

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2. I suppose it would be worse if the gap was where the door is here, but who asked for this design?

Reddit | Mikesam201

I just wanna talk, I swear. I'm perfectly capable of explaining why they should value people's privacy more without shoving their head in the bowl.

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3. Ah, yes. I'm glad to see that the normal parental response to this situation hasn't changed.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

And it's not even like this kid can wonder why they're not helping him yet. That'll definitely be his foremost question in a second, though.

After all, "Aah!" isn't a question.

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4. We'll know how strongly this guy feels if he decides he's more tired of getting his hoodies stolen than he is of enjoying unrestricted breathing. 

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

Personally, trying to wear any of those would make me throw the white flag up in that battle really fast.

I'm a big boy.

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5. Considering how dirty they did poor Savannah here, I'm proud of her for standing up for herself.

Reddit | 3wayfish

If even one person doesn't fall for this deceptive front shot and think they're getting something besides Stilt Bear the Magnificent, she's made a difference.

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6. So the weather apparently got so scorching hot that it melted the adhesive holding this phone together.

Reddit | roffe001

Well, either that or it's making the battery expand and it's to about to explode! Hooray!

Yeah, either way, I doubt whoever owns it feels lucky right now.

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7. I'm sure the driver feels done with this situation, but he's hitting his bullcrap limit, the guy on the left has definitely passed it already. 

Reddit | Jukid

I'm glad I can't hear what he's saying, but he would probably somehow make me disappointed in my life choices, too.

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8. I like how this little girl looks like she's thinking, "OK, I'm still excited for my first day of school, but this is pushing it."

Reddit | kokolumber

Maybe she was really disappointed, but started to smile once she realized she just beat us all in the circle game.

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9. I know McDonald's said they'd hide Ronald when that clown nonsense happened a couple of years ago, but I didn't know they were this serious.

Me.me | Me.me

If they said he was going to McDonald's Land, he's not coming back. It's like saying he's "going to a farm."

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10. For once, somebody won't be able to blame the airport when their luggage doesn't turn up.

Reddit | Cubatahavana

And if they were in a rush to get there, I think we're in for the most boring remake of Home Alone the world has ever seen.

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11. I think if I directed one of the Fast and the Furious movies,  half of the racers would end up like this.

Reddit | Predicted_Text

I just want one race where Vin Diesel looks around, sees that he's the only one still going, and shuts off his nitrous in disappointment.

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12. Hmm, it looks like some enterprising so-and-so figured out how to ruin two things for the price of one!

Reddit | litseylohan

I don't think there's much else to do with that iron besides turn it into a decorative centerpiece at this point.

I call it "Ode to a Whoopsie."

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13. This guy is apparently trying to even out his tan, and it looks like he's doing it the hard way.

Reddit | philfromchico

I'm not usually the type to scream, "Put a shirt on!" from my porch, but in this case, I mean it as a valid suggestion.

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14. I know we're dedicated to saving the precious bees nowadays, but I should at least able able to ask them what their problem was here.

Reddit | Dream-Brother

Somebody was just quietly grooving in their cart before they came along and mercilessly invaded.

I'm not convinced their queen needed this.

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15. Well, he's not wrong and I can appreciate how this solution is a whole lot cheaper than a Tesla.

Twitter | @Jo2timess

I wouldn't be surprised if he's sending a text that says he'll be there in five minutes, though. To be fair, those are always a lie anyway.

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16. I should give this person a little credit for warning us about what they're doing.

Reddit | Kyokenshin

I'm still kinda nervous about the fact that they're doing it, though. Did they really have no other friends who could drive these things?

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