13+ People Who Just Couldn't Help Themselves

Diply 9 Aug 2018

No matter how hard we try, sometimes, the temptation is too great to resist. When we come home, we have every intention to go to bed at a reasonable hour and not eat a whole big bag of chips.

But then, we snap our fingers, and suddenly, it's 3 a.m. and the crumbs all over us speak for themselves. I still maintain that it's not our fault we're bored until the exact minute we planned to sleep rolls around.

And I'm sure these people have a similarly passionate excuse for what they're doing.

1. It doesn't seem like this girl would ever notice this, but good luck doing the Spider-Man hands without making any sound effects.

Reddit | imsalim

Even the world's least curious person will eventually turn around when they keep hearing laughter and "thwip" sounds.

This homie was doomed from the start.

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2. This guy's flight got delayed, and boredom apparently inspired him to hook his Playstation up to the airport TVs.

Reddit | beardedbarnabas

I don't care what the TSA says — I want this man to teach me his ways. Besides, gameplay footage certainly beats news you can't even hear.

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3. OK, so, this looks ridiculously dangerous, but apparently, the harvester isn't actually on.

Reddit | zigtok

So that means the fun-filled romp these guys are having here has been downgraded to only moderately dangerous.

And really, what better way is there to describe our most fun moments in life?

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4. Don't knock this until you know what it's like to wake up to a unicorn perched majestically on your windowsill.

Reddit | sejjer

And yes, it might fall off, but that's just the price we pay for doing what we've always wanted to.

If you love something, let it go.

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5. I would be very surprised if whoever did this face swap didn't predict that it would turn out horribly.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

But I suppose that not having to wonder what could have been if you took the plunge is worth a few nightmares.

Especially when they're other people's nightmares.

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6. I hope that this thing's creator loves it dearly because they're gonna be explaining what this is until the wind finally carries it off.

Reddit | blazestorm599

And if they accepted that risk just so their strange creation can eventually have some adventures, I've underestimated their mad genius.

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7. If these were already lined up like this, it was inevitable that somebody would finally just visualize what we were all thinking.

Reddit | Notagreatname

Besides, I'm pretty sure that's the correct number of "na" sounds that the theme song had. That's how you know they're thorough about their science.

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8. So the photographer's brother needed to stay over for the night and they decided to make him feel at home in the cutest way possible.

Reddit | herbertholmes

Not only will it probably have him feeling nostalgic, but it's also the only time a collapsing roof would feel comfortable.

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9. It would be hard to see this as anything but a stunning betrayal, but I suppose the stomach wants what it wants.

Reddit | The_OG_Fat-Boi

It's gonna be messy when Domino's finds out about this little affair, though.

"You're leaving me for Caesar? He doesn't even have Brooklyn pepperoni!"

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10. I'm too icked out about getting my hands dirty to do this, but I understand how the allure of noodles would make someone abandon all utensils.

Reddit | scoob666

I'd be lying if I said I haven't devoured stuff hard enough that I felt like howling at the moon.

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11. I'm not sure whether our friend here has put too much thought into this idea or not enough.

Reddit | FalseCredit

If this guy can just achieve this kind of crazy balance on a whim, I've found a very surprising thing to be insanely jealous about.

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12. I've seen people put a lots crazy crap on their cars, but this might be the first time I've agreed with it wholeheartedly.

Reddit | GazillionBucks

To anyone worrying that Spider-Man will fall off and hit other cars, you're forgetting that this is what the Spider-Sense is for.

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13. When the opportunity presents itself, you don't want to end up looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking, "You should've bought that alpaca."

Instagram | Instagram

And it was probably that chill attitude that clinched it. It's supremely fluffy and it won't freak out? Sold!

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14. Yeah, I don't think the problem here was that our tooting rebel didn't see the sign, guy.

Reddit | MisdropPi

Ever since he was thrown out of that library, he just refuses to accept that there are places where his trumpet isn't welcome.

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15. I can't really make fun of this because I grew up in that era where you were supposed to get something by punching a cartoon monkey.

Instagram | @cunform

The messed up part is that I wasn't even trying to win anything. It just seemed like a fun idea.

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16. It's not his fault, OK? Some people just have an encyclopedic knowledge of the weird motions Patrick and SpongeBob make.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I'm sorry, dear, but he really shouldn't keep something like this bottled up. Otherwise, she'll find him rocking back and forth repeating, "What's better than 24? 25!"

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17. They asked him to guess how many cheese balls were in the jar, but that wasn't the question he was trying to answer.

Instagram | Instagram

While others guessed numbers, he asked himself, "How many of them do I want?"

Before they knew it, he found the most satisfying answer.

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18. Yeah, they can go on about "emergencies" and "the danger we're in" all they want. Some things just need to get done.

Reddit | oknp_

And besides, how is this guy gonna pay the hospital bills without making this stop first? He's got you there, buckos.

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19. Yes, nothing will probably happen. But do you really want to live without ever trying to combine these great powers?

Reddit | GingaMonstar

Staring at a blank screen while fiddling with controls isn't a waste of time because it means you'll know for sure that there isn't a secret mode.

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20. Honestly, are you gonna let some measly things like unsafe grilling practices and the risk of ingesting hazardous paint stop you from living out your ambitions?

Instagram | @bruhifunny

Hopefully, yes. But I already know that the allure of the triple-decker barbecue can be too powerful to resist.

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21. I gotta say, I respect the mystery employee's dedication to making the onesie a normal outfit for the man on the go.

Reddit | ecefour

If there's one thing I always think when I go to the store, it's this: "There aren't enough people here dressed like chickens and dinosaurs."

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22. Well, if he has to keep assaulting beef like this, I'm just glad the champ has decided to train in the fresh air.

Reddit | Katieee64

That freezer may have kept the meat edible, but I really don't recall any boxer saying that hypothermia helped them win the title.

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23. With the level of determination on this guy's face, it's pretty clear that he's been wanting to do this for decades.

Reddit | JunglySack

I wasn't there, but I'm pretty confident that once he found out you cant get sucked under these, he knew what he had to do.

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24. I don't know if I'll like seeing how far the "call the police on basically nothing" wars will escalate, but I guess it gives certain busybodies something to think about. 

Reddit | HRMisHere

Although, if this lady calls this guy a snitch, he'll know he picked the wrong target.

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