16 People Who Got Exactly What They Wanted

Diply 13 Apr 2018

Envy is a funny thing. It makes it hard to be happy with what we have, and instead, it leads us to compare ourselves to everyone else.

It's exhausting going through life constantly wanting.

The following people got exactly what they wanted, but it's making us realize you should always be careful what you wish for.

1. This guy who wanted to copycat the Pied Piper. 

Reddit | iatilldontknow

He appears to have been successful in whatever his plan was, cause this party's lit. But I suppose we can't call this guy a Piper. So would he be the Pied Accordionist? And is he trying to banish the cats or summon them?

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2. This doggo who wanted to feel like somebody understood.

Reddit | haltmich

You caught me, technically dogs aren't people... they're better! And this little pupper was feeling self conscious about his cone of shame. I mean, clearly the lamp can relate, although I don't think there'll be any shining conversations between the two of them.

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3. The person who needed a quick way to cut power to the control panel.

Reddit | Trapezoidoid

I guess they were given a solution, but this is giving me death-by-electrocution vibes. Whoever came up with this had better keep on the dl or they're gonna end up charged, too.

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4. This lady who's been on all the dating sites searching for a good catch. 

Reddit | FourthAge

Unfortunately, it appears she has been catfished by her Tinder date. I really hope she wasn't planning to go for sushi tonight.

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5. The person who wanted to fit an entire box of Froot Loops into a single serving dish. 

Reddit | temple_of_spook

Well, it looks like you solved that dilemma. Your next challenge is to ensure your immune system is impenetrable. Aaaand GO!

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6. This baby's parents who wanted to create a monster. 

Reddit | oversized93

Cause nobody wants a normal baby no more, they're chopped liver. "Who's the sweetest little terror around? You are! Oh, yes you are!" Don't say we didn't warn you.

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7. This guy who really wanted the most aPEELing fort on the block. 

Reddit | CSgo34adam

I have to say, for someone who achieved their goal, he doesn't look all that thrilled about it. Maybe all those bananas plugged up his emotions too.

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8. This person who wanted a retriever to keep them company.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

Looks like this doggo delivered! It's not every breed that will bring back the treasures it finds. But this pupper obviously loves his hooman and is willing to lend a helping hand — errr, leg.

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9. This homeowner who wanted to find a way to meet their wildlife neighbors.

Reddit | PunjabiDJ

They clearly weren't just loafing around and found the perfect solution. You'd better hope the neighbors aren't gluten intolerant.

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10. This woman who just wanted a peaceful bus ride. 

Reddit | ohsureyoudo

Oh, and also to avoid the plague. I guess this is the one time thinking inside the box was the only way to solve the problem.

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11. This mom who wanted to burn some calories on her afternoon walk. 

Reddit | slavymcslavface

Honestly, this picture makes my heart smile. It's obvious that this woman desperately needed a break to get out of the house. So much so that she's blissfully unaware of the blazing inferno happening right next to her. "nm going on here, you?"

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12. This bored employee who wanted to make his feelings known — but only on the dl. 

Reddit | kingevanxii

This is the perfect way to feel like you're rebelling against the man without actually getting yourself into trouble.

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13. This person just wanted an edgy ride. 

Reddit | noscope420bongshot

They may have gone a little overboard with this mod, since it looks closer to a tippy ride than an edgy one, but to each their own!

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14. This woman heard the drinks were top notch at this new club and wanted to try them out. 

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

Based on this picture alone, they sound delicious. I wonder how they taste. We may never know!

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15. This woman who just wanted her husband to update the ceiling fan blades. 

Reddit | totalinfonet

What is it about husbands that when they actually respond to your requests, they do so in the most literal way? Is it instinct? Beyond their control?

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16. This boss who wanted new bathroom signs to be ordered. 

Reddit | amberfragile

"What kind of signs do you want?" "Whatever. I just want people to wash their hands." "OK, I think I've got it."

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