14+ People Who Got A Little Too Clever For Their Own Good

Diply 30 Jul 2018

If you've never known what it's like when your ambitions have run away from you, I hope you've at least learned from those around you who do know. Because unless you're the type who can just crawl out of the wreckage and dust yourself off, it's not a feeling you wanna go through twice.

Of course, nothing should get in the way of your big dreams, but that experience can really help you actually see them come true without ending up in a hospital bed.

Let's hope these people catch on to that lesson soon.

1. I can't deny how deviously brilliant this is, but it should definitely be reserved only for your most hated enemy.

Reddit | ursvp

Because getting between someone and their pizza isn't normally something I'd want on my conscience. Plus, I have more regard for my safety than that.

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2. Yeah, the next time I want to relive my childhood, I think I'll just watch some old cartoons or something.

Reddit | 03Shael

Because whether it's spending several hundred dollars on a Mortal Kombat arcade machine or this little mishap, it's definitely possible to take nostalgia too far.

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3. Well, I wouldn't exactly call this panoramic shot a failure, but I'm not sure we're fully prepared for the implications of its success.

Reddit | Redtrain22

After all, the more pairs of legs a cat has, the more opportunities it has to scratch everybody. Are we really ready for that?

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4. Well, if nothing else, I finally have an answer for why all good things must come to an end.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I mean, there's a reason why most of us don't still try to order off the kid's menu. We like actually feeling full sometimes.

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5. I haven't entirely decided on whether this is a good or bad idea, but I'll admit that having the "after" picture helps.

Instagram | @will_ent

I was kind of anticipating chaos and panicked confusion once they got to the shark bits, but people seem to be holding it together.

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6. I agree with our verbally confused friend here. This is going to a lot of effort to fix a tiny problem.

Instagram | @bruhifunny

Don't get me wrong, mo' iced tea is mo' better, but am I alone in not even noticing when the ice cubes water it down?

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7. Oooh, a pun like this is always a gamble because folks will either love it or fly into a groaning rage.

Instagram | @bruhifunny

At least if they get mad enough to turn this on, it still wouldn't be quite as bad as microwaving your phone.

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8. I know the struggles of trying to find a comfortable position to read, but I'm pretty sure that ain't it.

Reddit | ZombieBisque

Granted, the fact that I can't actually do this might be coloring my perspective, but it looks like it'll end badly.

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9. I never thought I'd see a picture that has me seriously wondering whether laundry detergent goes bad, but here we are.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I'd love to think that the mom saw a post-apocalyptic movie and her only takeaway was how dirty everything looked.

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10. I'm not sure there's a more blurry line between blessing and curse than a gift that you can't really show anybody.

Reddit | MrLuis47

But you know what? At least this guy's still trying. Michigan J. Frog's gift wasn't anywhere near as embarrassing, so he has no excuse.

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11. Aww, man, I didn't wanna look at jump scares in Flash cartoons myself. I definitely wouldn't show one to Grandpa. 

Instagram | Instagram

This impatient ruffian is lucky this is only photoshopped because if I was their grandpa, I'd write them out of the will over this.

Now who's slick?

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12. Uh-oh, that shirt's probably not looking so sassy now that she realizes how open to interpretation it is.

Reddit | PurpleWildfire

She just had to run into the world's best person at following directions today, huh? Now, I guess it all depends on whether they back up for another go.

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13. Yes, the fact that they somehow got this setup to stay like that is kind of impressive, but I still can't condone it.

Reddit | rhineauto

Even if, by some miracle, none of that crap falls out, it's still a motorcycle obstacle course nobody asked for.

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14. This is the type of situation where I have no idea how or why it started, but I need to know how it ends.

Reddit | JoshCYW

Even if it doesn't work, does it just give you a boring error message, or does it say, "Ew, why are you doing this?"

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15. Well, I'm glad to see that these two were able to share such a magic moment that both parties were totally aware of.

Twitter | @scixpmas

Ah, I'm gonna drop the sarcasm because she looks genuinely excited, and I just like the cut of her jib in general.

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16. It's probably not that effective (and potentially dangerous), but I can kinda dig what this driver was going for here.

Reddit | andrehebra

They're recapturing how fun it was to ride these in gym class without the part where you got your fingers caught.

We can't stop them from dreaming.

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