14 People Who Gamed The System And Won

Diply 7 Jun 2018

I am not the kind of person who can successfully game any system. I can barely handle PUSH and PULL doors without panicking. Really, I once broke a PULL door because I wasn't paying attention and just shoved through it.

But enough about me, OK? This is getting depressing. Let's talk about some people who actually made it happen and beat the system every time.

1. When your landlord doesn't let you paint your walls, you can accept it or you can get next-level with samples from hardware stores.

Reddit | pajameralls

Honestly, this is the equivalent of stockpiling ketchup packets instead of buying ketchup...if you did it for five years straight.

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2. When the city tells you that you can't have your bar patio on the sidewalk...rent a truck.

Reddit | NteveSash

Hey, the city still gets the street parking fees, and you get your patio drinks. It's win-win, and you still get to be a smartass.

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3. If your school's dress code is too strict, take advantage of their coat policy and exercise your right to bear arms.

Reddit | EliteZealot

And if they institute a no-bear-coat policy, well...change schools. You don't need that sort of toxic lawmaking in your life.

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That's why I'm happy that Diply lets me wear pretty much whatever I want.


Now I just need to grab a bear coat online and wait until the weather gets cold enough.Or...let's be real here...until the coat arrives. Worth it?

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4. That's how you know your sibling has your back.

Twitter | @befvn

I mean, I definitely made fake brothers when I was growing up, but my real brothers just got mad at me.

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5. Sometimes I wish for the breezy convenience of a skirt, too. Like I said, I'm pretty sure I could wear it if I wanted to.


Maybe if I can find a print that works with a bear coat...

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6. In my book, there's nothing more hilarious than when someone's just totally frustrated and takes matters into their own hands.

Reddit | muyuu

No boot is a match for a person with a grudge.

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It's a better answer to a boot on your car than the Homer Simpson approach, that's for sure.


But I think in 99% of situations, the Homer Simpson approach is never the best answer.

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7. I think this one's a bit of a wasted opportunity, since I've always wanted to be in charge of a sign like this.

Reddit | Jehova-theWitness

But I bet the boss' face when they saw this was priceless.

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8. Yeah, I'm not convinced this was an accident at all.

Me.me | Me.me

This cat's just getting into costume, nostalgic for when felines were worshipped as divine creatures. You know, pampered and constantly given attention and...

Wait. Has anything actually changed?

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9. But worship cats all you want, there's always gonna be that special connection between human and dog.

Reddit | shockhead

It's even stronger than the mystical connection between human and a comfortable bed that dogs aren't allowed in.

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10. You know what, though? Some dogs don't need any help. This boi has it all figured out.


I can't even tuck myself in with this level of efficiency. Well played, doggo.

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11. Women aren't allowed to attend soccer matches in Iran, so these girls disguised themselves to catch a championship game.

Twitter | @Hassanvand

And in the process, those girls became the most Persian boy band of all time.

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12. There he goes, the legend himself. Off into the sunset, perfectly balanced on his shining silver steed.

Reddit | othermike

If gravity can't stop him from riding his unicycle, what chance does your pathetic signage have?

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13. I'm not usually interested in drinking beer through a straw, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Reddit | darinda777

And by "desperate times," I mean "the hotel says no drinking near the pool."

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14. And finally, when you're asked to do a résumé and cover letter for a Marvel character, make sure you pick wisely.

Reddit | EarlyHemisphere

Also, I am Groot.

I am Groot. I am Groot, I am Groot — I am Groot.

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