16 People Who Clearly Need Instructions 'Cause They're Doin' It Wrong

Diply 17 Apr 2018

They say to fake it until you make it, but to be honest, that really only applies when you have at least some idea of what you're doing. Sure, you could pretend you know what you're doing and see how it turns out, but chances are, you're just going to make things worse for yourself.

I'd love to ask these people why they wasted their time, because they could clearly benefit from an instruction manual.

1. A little concealer should do the trick, right?

Twitter | @RagooRebzz

I'm pretty sure these things do come with instructions, but to be fair, they don't say, "Don't use this product, it's terrible," so unfortunately this poor girl didn't stand a chance.

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2. Just because you don't care about your job doesn't mean the rest of us should have to suffer. 

The Chive | The Chive

The last thing I need is to ruin my hot dog with relish because you don't feel like following simple instructions. How do you mess this up?

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3. Tweeting is an art — just ask Kanye West, Donald Trump, or Jaden Smith.

Me.me | Me.me

If you ever plan to gain followers, then you have to perfectly craft each tweet with the precision of a celebrity. You think Kanye just came up with "Sometimes I get emotional over fonts" without trying?

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4. Put the game in, turn it on, save the princess. Is that so hard?

Imgur | mwangibabu

Unfortunately for this person, the princess is in another castle so far away that they'll need to change game cartridges to find her.

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5. Sure, it technically works, but...

Twitter | @alberto_nation

...so does cutting off your legs to lose a couple of pounds, but that doesn't mean it's the best way to go about things.

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6. This is kink-shaming and I won't stand for it.

Tumblr | thatdrumcorpsguy

If this guy wants to stick his junk in a blender, then by all means, go right ahead. It's 2018, you prudes!

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7. I didn't think they could make toilet paper any more intuitive.

Reddit | embracingfit

If this is how they put it back on the holder, I don't even wanna know how they think it's used.

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8. She didn't see that coming.

Twitter | @CieraHyatt

Time to drop a few bucks on some false lashes. While you're at it, I suggest dropping the eyelash curler as well because I don't think you're qualified to be using it.

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9. In the event of an emergency, please enter the brace position and place your head between your knees.

Reddit | wujack

"Instructions unclear, head is where knees go. This is my life now." —This lady

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10. I don't know how many times Google has saved me by asking if I forgot to attach files that I mentioned in the email.

Twitter | @Heatherrnab

Unfortunately, they don't have the same processes in place for attachments involving Chili Beef recipes.

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11. These cords are more tangled than the roots of the Lannister family tree.

Reddit | giraffaholic

How can you be expected to know what wire does what? I mean sure, you could untangle them, but who has the time?

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12. I think maybe this guy should wear a helmet all the time.

Reddit | djheskey

He needs to protect what few brain cells he's got left, and if he's been wearing his helmet like that all along, there probably aren't that many.

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13. I don't even know where to begin with this.

Instagram | @5thyear

Should we be giving them instructions on how to eat salad, how to use chopsticks, or how to brush their teeth?

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14. Pretty sure "professional hider" isn't in his job description.

Instagram | @tampons

You should be happy that he tried, because this is a lot better than throwing it on your porch and calling it a day.

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15. I had a friend use her Facebook to get into a bar once.

Instagram | @tampons

She forgot her wallet and just pulled up her profile to show the bouncer her birthday. Of course, by "forgot" I mean "didn't bring it," and by "birthday" I mean "some random date that was changed like an hour prior in some feeble attempt to get an underage girl into the bar."

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16. It's not like he's swimming.

Instagram | @findmypants

It doesn't seem so smart, but when the alternative is leaving thousands of dollars worth of textbooks unattended, I guess I could see where he's coming from.

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