16 People Who Took On A Little More Than They Could Handle

Diply 3 Jul 2018

We all go a little overboard sometimes. If you don't immediately take the words "all you can eat" like someone just slapped you with a glove and challenged you to a duel, I applaud your willpower.

But those miserable moments that leave us hunched over a toilet teach us where our limits are, and sooner or later, we all end up finding them.

It doesn't take a genius to pinpoint when these people found theirs.

1. It's subtle, but you can see the slow realization that this guy's classroom antics went too far in his eyes. 

Instagram | @tank.sinatra

I love how he's got a book and a chair up there like this is natural. I don't think his faking it is making it, though.

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2. To be fair to the driver, I don't know why they give parking lots these weird little islands anyway.

Reddit | FattyBeans

"Oh, of course, my truck had to get stuck so we could make room for the pit of dying shrubbery. It really ties the lot together."

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3. Ooh, I don't know what this guy had against the person he was gonna be the next morning, because this just crosses the line into self-cruelty.

Reddit | Reddit

I guess it's still better than driving in his condition, but no amount of saved cab fare is worth this.

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4. However, you don't have to walk the path of the urinal sleeper to rack up some regrets.

Instagram | @pablopiqasso

I don't know what this guy normally does, but he's obviously trying to impress the wrong crowd here.

That's not even your middle finger, dude. They aren't your real friends.

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5. Ooh, this very youthful mama is suddenly not having a very happy Mother's Day.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I think the young'un is about to learn why you lowball it when you guess people's ages. It's just too bad this lesson is only hard on the mom.

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6. I can't say I know much about the situation here, but I think we can safely call the results sub-optimal.

Reddit | Reddit

Haha, it's kind of sad when I'm being safer in trying to describe what happened than whoever owned these pants was with them.

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7. Don't worry, soda fountain. I think a lot of people who try to use you know that struggle all too well.

Instagram | @streetcatto

You might balk at the idea that this counts as a "person," but what else can it be to speak to my soul like this?

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8. Unfortunately, I'm afraid this defense mechanism only works for turtles.

Instagram | @streetcatto

I don't know if an exam or a presentation has this dude trying to pull a disappearing act, but there's no escaping the teacher's watchful gaze.

At least, not if you leave your bag on your desk.

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9. Well, this person gets points for thinking on the fly, but not even zip ties can magically unflatten this tire. 

Reddit | SuperCub

Nope, that's obviously a job for duct tape. And now you know why taking automotive advice from me is a bad idea.

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10. Somehow, I get the feeling that wasn't the only gallon she was holding. It's just the one that met its tragic end.

Reddit | CamRhi357

But as far as I can tell, she's not crying about it. That's the first step towards recovering from any milk-related mishap.

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11. I think it's a law of the universe that if any truck's gonna tip over, it's the one carrying the fancy cars.

Reddit | Matze_827

I wonder if the pressure just got to the driver. Like, this wouldn't have happened if people told them it was all Kias.

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12. Welp, I think anyone who braves this wiry web is automatically taking on more than they can handle.

Reddit | Whic285

I'm not even sure what you could do about this besides hope it doesn't explode, which seems to be the local policy from the looks of things.

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13. I can't sleep on planes either, but I've never been so desperate that I was willing to risk identity theft over it.

Instagram | @menshumor

I have to give some props to whoever rides with him hard enough to take that risk and give him a second one, though.

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14. Even though this girl wrote a check her stomach couldn't cash, I'll respect that she made it as far as she did.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I could probably take on this challenge, but that's because years of unhealthy decisions have trained me for it.

You can't just run a marathon.

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15. The only saving grace here is that this is a henna tattoo — because this tattoo would still be regrettable even if it was well-executed.

Twitter | @scixpmas

I mean, it says "refuse to sink," and that is literally an anchor's entire job. Maybe a balloon...from a different artist?

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16. They're all laughing because it's easier than trying to figure out how this mishap was even possible.

Reddit | Spinachioo

Like, no matter how many directions I theoretically move my head in, I'm not finding a position that lets me get between the bars.

It's probably good I'm not there.

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