15+ People Who Straight-Up Don't Know How To Act

Diply 29 Jun 2018

If you've ever felt like you were babysitting people your own age, your night out probably got wilder than you wanted.

But in between those internal debates on whether it's worth the effort to make them put that traffic cone back, you have to admit that it was kinda fun in a weird, stressful way.

Even if it wasn't, at least you got a good story out of it — just like anyone who caught these people in action did.

1. I'd love it if this guy patiently checked in and waited for his gate to open only to throw off his clothes and jump on the wing.

Reddit | Somali_Pir8

Bonus points if he wasn't even trying to get anywhere. The journey really is better than the destination.

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2. I'm not really sure what whoever owns that car is trying to accomplish by parking behind this bus.

Reddit | akuusti

After all, if the driver decides it's time to pull out, that car's not gonna do much to stop them. Maybe this is some elaborate insurance scam?

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3. I'm not sure whether to be amazed or saddened that neither of the people in this situation understood what a terrible idea it was.

Reddit | josephdouble6

Say what you want about the respectable sport of ghost-riding the whip, but at least the car isn't going 55 mph.

Just stop, bruh.

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4. Ooof, this dude's lucky some kind soul caught him before it was too late. Otherwise, some stranger would be running around in Gucci flip-flops on this guy's dime.

Reddit | gooddaysuckaaaa

Although, since this happened in Las Vegas, there's a decent chance that card was maxed out hours ago.

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5. Well, I guess that depends on how much the doggo is enjoying its little swim.

Reddit | action_jim

I'd say to let it ride for a bit and let him know right before they get to that dock. No dog wants to spend its walk getting untangled.

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6. I'm all for improvisation, but I kinda doubt this CD is really gonna work as a rear-view mirror. 

Reddit | 134282

I can see it now. While the driver's squinting at that, they hit something else, and suddenly, their life spins out of control faster than the disc itself.

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7. Just because some people love their motorcycles enough to do this doesn't mean it won't be perfectly fine in the garage.

Instagram | @streetcatto

Do you know how hard it is to get oil out of sheets? And no, it won't get lonely at night. That requires feelings.

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8. I understand, buddy. I truly do. But trust me, this isn't a road you wanna go down. 

Reddit | FreakN_JesKO

If you didn't like these geese before, wait until you see what happens when they feel disrespected. Experience tells me they know exactly what this gesture means.

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9. Yup, nothing says, "Just keep walking!" like a house covered in plushes staring creepily at you.

Reddit | Palana

It's kinda like the ending of The Birds in that they wanna make it clear that we're only safe for as long as they don't feel like attacking.

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10. And if you wanted to know who lives in that house, here's just the thing to make you regret wondering that.

Instagram | @streetcatto

And if you didn't, I'm so sorry. I'm afraid you'll just have to blame your more curious peers.

As opposed to, you know, me.

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11. I know, I know — two trips are for the weak. But just asking one of the others to help carry them seems much easier than using your mouth for this.

Reddit | regular_john2017

Plus, if this guy's buying, whoever he asks for help can't tell him nothin'.

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12. There's a lot of value in psyching out your opponent, but I have a feeling this choice of mask will come with a couple of downsides.

Reddit | CaNANDian

Although, I suppose that depends on whether it counts as a foul if the baby limbs hit somebody.

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13. They learned that throwing the couch was a bad idea, but it looks like they're also gonna learn that two wrongs don't make a right.

Reddit | localanti

Not to mention what happens when something metal hits a power line.

If they survive, they could teach a whole class!

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14. Yeah, I don't care how giant she is. Now is not the time to be a lookie-loo.

Reddit | Spokenfungus2

Actually, I guess the worst that will happen is that he'll get disappointed when he finds out they didn't sculpt what he wants to see.

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15. Smarty-pants here may feel like he's got one over on his customers, but that can change very easily.

Reddit | Stakeboulder

After all, it only takes a second to trip as he tries to hit the bathroom to end up trapping himself in his own devious prank.

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16. This is the first time I've ever seen anybody arm their store mannequins.

Twitter | @scixpmas

I'm not sure what that accomplishes. Are they saying, "Come shop here...or else?"

I don't know. It's kinda hard to get intimidated by something that can't move unless you knock it over.

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