16 People Who Should Just Throw In The Towel

Diply 13 Apr 2018

We all have something we're good at. We've spent time honing this particular skill and it becomes a part of our identity. But we can't be good at everything, nor should we expect to be.

There are some of us out there, however, who go through life doing some really stupid things. And on top of that, they don't know when to just throw in the towel and walk away when something's clearly not working.

The people you're about to see are prime examples.

1. The person who was shocked to learn this is not how you clean keys. 

Reddit | iBleeedorange

It's sights like these that make me seriously question how some people even survive. Natural selection in action, I guess.

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2. This college student who's making terrible life choices.  

Reddit | brendan1018

You might say she's "milking the system," but mandatory meal plans are hella expensive. So, I have no problem with her loading up on dairy. The issue I have with this is that THERE'S CHOCOLATE MILK RIGHT THERE! If a choice that simple baffles you, just withdraw from school now.

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3. This person, who's on the hunt for the perfect scent. 

imgur | VeryOftenWrong

First off, the company that created this should be liable for false advertising. Smelling like a tuna melt with cheap mayo is not the same thing as smelling "fresh." If you buy this, please return home and never leave. You aren't fit for society.

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4. This person who's trying everything they can think of to get their couch out of the apartment.

Twitter | @BluHrGirl

I'm guessing you didn't have a crane deliver the couch, so it made it through the stairway once. If you can't figure that out, you're better off quitting now before you destroy the railing and the couch.

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5. These teachers who are desperately trying to justify their movie day.  

Twitter | @jake_beckstrom

Don't get me wrong, teachers are hardworking, underpaid, amazing people. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly concerned for these students if six educated adults couldn't figure out how to throw on a DVD. Maybe just nix that movie and do some review today.

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6. This person who can't even open a simple Capri Sun. 

Reddit | Spriggsy

If you're struggling so much in life that you can't even open a beverage, it's safe to take a break. Try again after a nap, and if things are still this challenging, well... I honestly don't know what to tell you. I've got nothing.

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7. The owner of this pogo stick who's clog dancing their way to an empty toilet.

Reddit | ZombieLibrarian

If your plumbing has gotten so bad that you need a pogo-plunger to get the job done, it's time to throw in the DIY towel and call a professional.

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8. These girls who can't function in life without a screen.

Reddit | Sky_l1nker

Thank goodness they found that Wii table tennis game, otherwise game night would've been ruined, ruined I say! I feel like I'm not old enough to say "kids these days," and yet here I am, saying it.

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9. The retail worker whose job performance is barely hanging on. 

Reddit | AtticRanger

If only there was an easier way to hang these things up! Okay, so maybe stocking shelves isn't your strong suit.

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10. This eco-friendly student who's trying to save the world.  

Reddit | ddh85

"If this display saves even one piece of paper, it was worth it!" Mmm, pretty sure that's not how this works, bud.

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11. The owner of this boat who took way too long to realize something was amiss. 

Reddit | Reddit

I'm on a truck and it's going fast and... now I'm underwater. Might as well keep going at this point, the boat's not quite in yet.

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12. This lady who's trying to learn how to use her new laptop.

Reddit | the_real_skyfone

Yay for learning something new! I commend you. But, if you think this is how you iron out software bugs, maybe technology isn't for you.

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13. These people who don't understand how parking lots work. 

Reddit | riotkat

The number of cars that are triple parked in this movie theatre parking lot is amazing. I'm not gonna lie, I would totally ditch the movie, grab some popcorn, and watch how this all goes down.

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14. This little girl who's stuck between some rocks and a hard place.

Reddit | hangonlittletomatoes

While the lack of friends may be weighing her down, these rocks clearly aren't. The only thing keeping me from feeling too badly for her is that she's obviously a problem solver. I mean, it didn't work, but at least she tried.

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15. This woman who thinks she's making a splash with her new whip.

Reddit | emoposer

Wrong kind of splash, ma'am. Please turn in your driver's license to the nearest DMV. You are unfit to operate a motorized vehicle.

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16. This person who finally realized their life is so trashy, they're taking themselves out. 

Reddit | temple_of_spook

Acceptance is the first step when you realize what you're doing in life just isn't working. Just walk it off, everything will be fine!

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