16 People Who Are The Opposite Of Tech-Savvy

Diply 8 Mar 2018

I'm just gonna come right out and say it: I suck at technology.

The moment a device goes beyond three buttons, I start to get nervous. When people use words like "cache" and "Ethernet" and "cable" around me, I physically wince.

Suffice to say, I heavily relate to the following people.

1. I have roughly two dozen photos on my camera roll that look exactly like this.

Twitter | @JoshdelaRosa1

Of course, I don't make them my profile picture, but they're still there. I never delete them 'cause that would take me hours.

Women like Dolores and I, we gotta stick together.

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2. Some people think photos of dogs are cute, but I think pics of parents misusing technology are just adorable.

Twitter | @VelizJoseL

I actually do the same thing as this man whenever I'm on public transportation. That way I can avoid social interaction at all costs.

Works like a charm!

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3. When did "group chat" become "gang message"?

Twitter | @Sid_Hilde

This is clearly a hardcore multi-person chat. I wouldn't want to mess with them.

This dad made a mistake, but I purposely text people questions that I could have Googled in the same amount of time.

I'm a weird kind of lazy.

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4. Don't worry, mom, you aren't alone.

Twitter | @madi_lightfoot

People are too stingy with their Snapchats these days. Three seconds? Five seconds? Are you kidding me?

My brain needs at least five seconds just to process the fact that I opened Snapchat.

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5. People will do anything to avoid using their data.

Twitter | @amandastew_

Actually, this is kind of refreshing. It really makes you think about how tiny our screens are on our phones. This printout is a lot easier on the ol' peepers, amirite?

Aaand I'm getting old.

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6. If only there was some kind of charging apparatus — a charger, if you will — to bring it back to life! 

Twitter | @babymoz12

This photo is cute, but I am actually bothered by that totally unnecessary wooden clip.

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7. This is literally me on a daily basis.

Twitter | @TTSMGofficial

I'm sorry, who in this world has time to screenshot on their laptop, save the image, and upload it to the cloud or an email or whatever?

Nah, I'm with the mom on this one.

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8. This is a truly commendable effort.

Twitter | @CarmarSuperstar

Please remind me to wake up? Please? This person is definitely Canadian.

Anyway, you can set a reminder with a ringtone, so this isn't totally wrong.

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9. Maybe Patty was just trying to be artsy. Did you ever think of that?

Twitter | @miahwallwin

And personally, I think she's pulling it off. This picture really made me think, you know?

I stand by tonye65's comment, "Nice produce."

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10. This is a common Google search for anyone who has a smart TV but knows nothing about smart TVs.

Twitter | @benji_taylor

The texting convo between myself and my stepdad is literally me asking different variations of this question over and over again.

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11. In fact, I wish my stepdad would make one of these taped-up remotes for me.

Twitter | @JerriHaaven

You think this tactic is only helpful for people born before 1990?

Wrong. I need help, too.

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12. Grandma is ready for her close-up!

Twitter | @zachwatson89

How is Gam-gam supposed to see what's on that tiny iPhone screen without bringing it right up to her nostrils?

The technology is flawed, people.

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13. Drawing on iMessage is legit impossible.

Twitter | @Brennagonzalez5

Anyone who can create something remotely intelligible with the drawing function is a superhuman in their own right.

The rest of us? We're the majority.

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14. Nothin' beats the feeling of turning a page, right?

Imgur | azts86flyer

The main problem with Kindles is that they don't smell like real books. Once they add that feature, I might be interested.

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15. And the award for cutest question goes to...this person!

Twitter | @Tia_Ford

This is adorable because anyone who calls it "U-tube" has clearly never ventured to the site of their own volition.

Inexperience is just darling!

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16. And finally, this is the WiFi network we all need.

Twitter | @_2fab2care

And by "we," I mean "me."

I need more straightforward technical assistance like this in my life.

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