20+ People Having One Heck Of A Hair Day

Diply 25 Oct 2018

The fate of my mood depends entirely on what kind of hair day I am having. If it's humid outside, you'll know, solely because of the intensity of my attitude and the volume of my frizz.

That being said, if you catch me on a good hair day, you can bet I'll be all sunshine and rainbows. A true delight to be around. The life of the party, even.

Here are some disastrous, and amazing hair days.

1. Note to self, always use gloves when dying hair at home.

Twitter | @Tierrraaaa

Let this be a lesson to all of you. The gloves that come in the box of hair dye are not just a suggestion.

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2. Luckily, in situations like this, hats exist.

Twitter | @cdnhappygilmore

More proof that attempting to give yourself a haircut is never a good idea and will always end disastrously if you are not a professional hair stylist.

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3. It might be time for a new hair dryer.

Facebook | Erika Augthun Shoolbred

Hair dryers typically have a lengthy life span, and when it's time to get a new one, you'll know. How old did this hair dryer have to be to evolve into a flame thrower?

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4. If you were ever wondering what the inside of a curling iron looks like, well, here you go. 

Twitter | @JeriLRyan

Is it weird that I'm now curious to know what the inside of all of my hair appliances look like?

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5. Having this kind of assistant would make everyday one heck of a hair day.


My dog better start taking notes. Cuddles just aren't cutting it anymore. This is the type of companionship I expect from now on.

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6. Curling irons are just out here ruining people's lives, yet again.

YouTube | Crazy Kid

Firstly, let's just take in the person in the back, laughing, completely oblivious to the tragedy that has just taken place. Secondly, that is one powerful wand.

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7. When you think it's a good idea to try and trim your own bangs, it's probably not.


It's very easy to get carried away trimming your own hair and end up looking Willy Wonka. Leave it to the professionals, people!

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Anyone with bangs knows that good hair days are few and far between. 

Giphy | Giphy

The thing about bangs is that they're either perfect, or a complete mess. There is no in between. You just gotta blow-dry them and hope for the best, daily.

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8. Girls with thick hair understand this struggle on a spiritual level.

Twitter | @xdenisexx

Until your clip is missing every single one of its teeth, it's still salvageable. This woman can still get at least two wears out of it.

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9. Extensions and wigs are all fun and games, until someone snatches it clean off your head.

Twitter | @BroganHartBryan

Nowadays, it seems like every beauty guru is trying to fashion synthetic wigs. Even though they may look somewhat realistic, I would be living in constant fear of someone doing this to me in public.

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10. Always double check the labels on your hair products, so you don't make the same mistake as this lady.

Twitter | @Kaycon000

Just because it is in the shower, does not mean it's meant to go in your hair.

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11. If beach waves looked more like getting electrocuted, they nailed it. 

Twitter | @victorianeufeld

I'm convinced that beach waves are unattainable in real life. The effortless, sandy, summer look only exists in the movies.

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12. Having an up-do means pulling out a hundred bobby pins out of your hair at the end of the day.

Twitter | @rachelstarlive

Up-dos are extravagant masterpieces held together by dozens of bobby pins. A simple, standard-issue hair elastic is for amateurs.

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13. Who needs electricity or running water, amirite?


First, can I just point out that this is such an innovative solution to her first world problem? Proving that millennials are good at things besides social media, once and for all.

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14. There's nothing like a li'l dry shampoo on a... Oh wait, never mind. 

Twitter | @supertr0uper

Dry shampoo is great for those days in between washes, but not when it explodes all over your hands like this guy's did.

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15. Moral of the story here is to always have a backup flat iron. 

Twitter | @teh_ashley

Hell, if I could have an entire backup head of hair, I would. You never know when your flat iron is going to betray you.

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16. We have all been victims of bad beauty trends. At least this person can admit it.

Twitter | @YoungJediDad

If you ever think getting a perm is a good idea, you're probably wrong, and you will probably live to regret it.

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17. Bleaching your hair at home is risky business. 

YouTube | Perfectly Sonder

On paper, it seems like a plausible, economic choice. But the truth is, you'll fry your ends off, and you'll need to wear your hair in a low ponytail indefinitely.

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18. That time of the year when your hair is just constantly staticky.

Lolpix | Lolpix

Anytime you try to put a turtleneck sweater on in the winter, be prepared to rock this 'do all day long.

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19. What an innovative, and creative way to stand out from the crowd. 

Twitter | @MaddieGarrison1

There is a silver lining to this very interesting look. If he wanted a snack, he could just reach up and pick one off of his head.

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20. Only girls who wear weaves or extensions will understand.

Twitter | @MaddieLoScalzo

At the end of a long day, there's no better feeling than taking off your hair and setting it down on the nearest surface. Even if that surface is the floor.

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21. Getting gum in your hair is one way to ruin your day. 

Twitter | @chomikk

Imagine if it was like getting bird poop in your hair, and it was actually good luck? That would be the best!

But unfortunately, gum means chop, chop to that chunk of hair.

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22. When your curling iron is out to ruin your life.

Twitter | @MadyMcLanahan

If this doesn't leave you perpetually terrified of using hot tools on your hair, then I don't know what will.

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23. If ever you think you're having a bad day, just remember that you didn't burn your forehead with a curling iron.

Twitter | @pixietangerine

Thankfully she had bangs to cover up her new scar.

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