16 People Who Obviously Needed Something To Do

Diply 3 Jul 2018

When we're bored, we sometimes find ourselves doing things we can't really explain to anybody. And that's just as well, because it's not like we could make it through our story about how we got Oreos banned from the library without laughing anyway.

So each of our bored adventures end up becoming inside jokes that only one person gets. At least, that's only true as long as someone didn't get it all on camera.

But for these people, someone was quick with the camera to document their bored adventures, and now they're on the internet for all to see.

1. Haha, shout-out to that dad for making that work. Even without the spit-up risk, this is hard mode.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

After all, that has to be the real reason parents stop playing airplane. They can go on about maturity, but they really just don't wanna pull muscles.

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2. I love how much it seems like the doggo is just humoring whoever's doing this.

Reddit | fdmffdmf

Sure, it's probably only vaguely aware this is even happening, but the bored look on its face is perfect.

"Yes, both this and your Shrek bedsheets are dank. Can I go now?"

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3. The boredom of waiting at an airport has a way of getting the creative juices flowing, so this freshly squeezed dad joke was inevitable.

Instagram | @will_ent

It could be worse, he could be that monster who puts up those fake electrical outlet stickers that give people false hope.

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4. Uh-oh, looks like we have one mad young lad on our hands.


Dude, he's sitting in a chair on top of the cabinet and reading quietly! What if the teacher asks a question and he answers it? Haha, she'll totally be like "Whaaat?"

See? It's like I never graduated.

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5. As you might have guessed, this dude's clever plan didn't really go down so well.

Reddit | Smith_421

Apparently, if you're messing with the police, it helps to remember whether you're on the hook for parking tickets or not. This guy didn't.

Also, don't mess with the police. It rarely ends well.

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6. Aw man, few things in life are as disappointing as uncreative graffiti.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

Like, they couldn't just go with some classic anarchy in what I assume is the U.K. or something? Honestly, just quote that "assume" part directly.

They might mistake it for ambiguous social commentary.

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7. I wonder if there's still one kid who's seriously trying to play after all the other kids had called it quits and clogged up the hoop instead.

Reddit | s_ejam

I don't know, maybe this is how they interpreted, "Come on and slam if you want to jam."

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8. Look, I realize that nobody's gonna use that phone anyway, but that's still no reason to waste perfectly good bread.

Reddit | ElAfilador

And right now, there's a bakery that's dangerously low on baguettes, and everyone's just running around in a panic yelling, "Sacré bleu!"

Look what you've done, vandals.

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9. Well, I suppose we've seen less productive things than making yourself a grass suit and hanging out on the subway. 

Instagram | @kontheabstract

And it's nothing like that wasteful bread stunt from above, because no disappointed moms are gonna go on about the starving cows that could've eaten that grass.

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10. Oof, this guy must be bored if he's even trying to turn peeing into a legendary challenge.

Reddit | barcerrano

I'd give him a Game Boy or something, but he would really need to wash his hands first. Especially that one on the ground. Ugh.

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11. Uh-oh, this won't feel like such a clever bit when this guy loses his balance and crushes his laptop.

Reddit | Sharkybeans

Also, the way the light's hitting the ground makes it look like a Google Street View arrow, and I can't get that out of my head.

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12. You know, if somebody used me as a table in this context, I wouldn't even be mad.

Reddit | biggnutter420

I've been to enough school assemblies to remember that, like, half of them were pointless and 90% of them were totally brutal.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

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13. Yeah, I'd much rather hang out with these kids than the "We can legally leave if the teacher's 15 minutes late" kids.

Reddit | spleegle

Not only is this a lot more fun, but it also seems dangerous to hang out with someone who misunderstands the law that badly.

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14. If I worked here, I'd have to get rid of that dinosaur mask as quickly as possible.

Reddit | Reddit

It's not because I'm a monster who hates fun. I just know we'll have a riot on our hands if the customers find out there aren't any in stock.

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15. The best part about this is that it looks like this man was busting gnarly tricks all the way back in the '70s.

Instagram | Instagram

This probably brings to mind a Tony Hawk game with Led Zeppelin songs, but remember, it's his music.

So yes, Tony Hawk with jazz. Even better.

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16. Haha, I'm not sure what inspired this journey through the sands of time, but I'm here for it.

Reddit | wifeyhahn

Besides, they finally created a vehicle that nobody will pass on the highway for fear of being whipped like it's some intense chariot race.

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