15+ People Who Obviously Forgot To Pick Up The Lucky Penny

Diply 5 Oct 2018

We've all been told that if we see a penny and pick it up, then all day long we'll have good luck, but I learned pretty quickly that it's not always that easy.

Sure, nowadays I don't particularly care if I miss one, but when I was an impressionable kid, I'd consider my whole day shot if I saw a penny while I was crossing the street — cruel fate made picking it up impossible.

So it's a good thing that 6-year-old me didn't see the people on this list because he'd be even more worried about what's gonna happen to him.

1. Aww, I suppose this one is at least kind of bittersweet. 

Instagram | Instagram

Nobody wants to break both their arms, but it's nice to know how much your friends really love you. And if they're willing to help in the bathroom, that bond is pretty much unbreakable.

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2. Well, if we can't find a solution for our problems, finding somebody to blame is usually the next best thing.

Reddit | SovietBeans

And if I paid here right after my phone's internet crapped out, these employees and I can fully agree that somebody needs to get it together.

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3. You know, I think I'll make myself feel better if I assume this is what's behind every bathroom "out of order" sign.

Reddit | Reddit

That'll have the side effect of making me weirdly committed to finding the roving band of rock stars responsible, but whatever.

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4. This would also be a perfectly acceptable reason for that "out of order" sign.

Reddit | qbedo

I can still see myself trying to figure out how hard I can pull the TP before the spider freaks out, though.

That's me, folks. I'm always trying to find a win-win.

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5. I suppose embarrassment was the only negative emotion missing from the airport experience.

Instagram | Instagram

Although that depends on how loudly the security officers tell you what you can't bring with you. And then the sister takes that as a cue to start her embarrassment freestyle.

What a nightmare.

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6. Aw man, however this blockade happened, it turned the vending machine into a box of hopelessness.

Reddit | InterZad112

"Bang on the side all you want, foolish mortal. You will never break our ranks!"

Why have the cans we used to knock the other snacks down turned against us?

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7. Hmm, it's bad enough that a plant's growing in the eavestrough. It's next-level when it's the kind of plant that pokes you when you try to get rid of it.

Reddit | scottdottcom

I don't know who set our lives on hard mode, but their challenge is getting really old.

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8. Never has one word summed up the entire backstory for us so perfectly.

Reddit | Reddit

It's a very common tale. Somebody's in rush, they grab their phone a little too gently, and tragedy strikes.

At least they can still access Spotify to find a perfectly mournful playlist.

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9. Uh-oh, if Shrek's not careful, he's gonna mess around and catch his third strike.

Reddit | ZantaBaby

Actually, our hero's luck may not have run out yet. Technically, he was in a different jurisdiction and in a different form when we got arrested in Shrek 2.

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10. Whoa, how ridiculous were the delivery charges on a mattress if using a convertible was the option this person got stuck with?

Reddit | Reddit

To everyone who's honking, their only choice is to drive slow. It's for everyone's protection!

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11. This is as good a reminder as any to make sure your containers are microwave-safe before you buy them.

Reddit | guyuemuziye

This person may have a tough time eating their noodles now, but at least this thing warped into a pretty cool shape.

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12. And people think that Halloween can't scare them once they get too old to trick-or-treat.

Reddit | TheEIonMusk

Whoever put this out better hope that every graduate is at a party that night, or this will be the first one to be vandalized.

It's just too real.

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13. I should count myself lucky that every time I've done this, I was quick enough to catch it.

Getty Images | Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy

I have my doubts that the impact would just leave me with the quiet, dignified shudder that Sideshow Bob makes whenever he steps on a rake.

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14. Apparently, it never occurred to whoever designed this bathroom that some people can't go when they have an audience. 

Reddit | Ohdaswet

And even though I'm not one of those people, I really doubt my experience would be improved by some jerk's car horn.

You know they'd honk on purpose.

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15. Aww, this dude is really out of luck if he's only cutting this way because his steak is just that tough.

Twitter | @_lesbiTREN

Although a date that bails halfway through just because you cut your steak weird probably wasn't gonna be your true love anyway.

Like, that's a weird dealbreaker.

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16. We did it, folks. We've found a worse situation than sleeping over at a friend's house when they forget to give you a blanket.

Reddit | lindsey0896

Between the weird position we'd have to lay in and the pebbles digging into our backs, I think we can cancel the sleepover.

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