12+ People Who Obviously Didn't Get What They Wanted

Diply 12 Oct 2018

Sooner or later, many of us had at least one Christmas where we learned how bad we are at hiding our disappointment. Even when I tried to pretend that this one toy I received was good, my mom could see right through it immediately.

Still, I was one of the lucky ones because before the day was out, my cousin broke it. And since my aunt was nice enough to pay for it, I could get the copy of Final Fantasy VII that I actually wanted.

But sadly, not everyone's chaotic cousin can make everything right, so these people just got stuck with their disappointment.

1. It's really hard not to see this as an omen that you don't want to be wherever you're going.

Reddit | Reddit

Although I have to give the world points for honesty if this person's driving to work. Anyone who's said a tearful goodbye to their bed will agree.

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2. I guess it's kind of refreshing to know the package is just as disappointed in its delivery as we are.

Reddit | Reddit

It works a lot better than when a computer gets cute about its errors because the cup isn't making me think, "This is all your fault!"

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3. I'm guessing that whoever made this expects us to believe it's a security camera.

Reddit | MarkLaCour

In which case, I'm afraid I'm just gonna have to break the bad news that they're definitely not getting what they want.

Maybe I'd buy it if this were The Flintstones, but alas.

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4. Haha, this is definitely more believable than the "my dog ate my homework" excuse, but I have my doubts that it's gonna work.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Plus, the fact that she said "apologise" when she meant "apologies" is probably not helping her case either.

I know how teachers get down.

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5. Sadly, I'm not even sure there's a way to make it look like they meant to do this.

Reddit | @abbydermody

Like, if this kid accidentally grabbed a portable grill or a waffle iron or something, they could at least get something out of it.

You suck, cutting board!

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6. Not only is such a flagrant violation ruining our ecosystem, but it's making a mockery of our careful efforts to conserve pizza stocks.

Instagram | Instagram

Together, we can work hard to make sure that no pizza ever has to senselessly lose its crispy crust like this again.

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7. I hate to be pessimistic, but I'm not feeling very confident that this limo is making it to the airport.

Reddit | Class3pwr

Unless there's a surprisingly articulate bear that can give us the right directions, this driver's gonna stay lost for a while.

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8. Wow, whoever owns this bike can count a lot of things that they wanted and didn't get.

Reddit | MRKERZ

Let's see, there's the ability the safely park their bike without having this happen. An extra wheel would be nice.

Oh, and they probably wanted this warning several hours earlier.

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9. Huh, it's interesting to see what the "yup, good joke, dad" face looks like on someone else.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

Yeah, rushing to a mirror so I could see it every time I was exposed to a dad sense of humor was getting tiring. Plus, it only encouraged him.

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10. Hmm, the folks on Twitter must have had some pretty sharp eyes to catch this little lie.

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

After all, the mood lighting and the bar look great, but no apartment is truly complete without a random government warning on the wall. Could've fooled me.

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11. Whoever did this probably describes the type of person who steals everything that's not bolted down as "lazy."

Reddit | mk4rim

Am I alone in wondering how stealing a bath tub generates this much dirt? Or, you know, why you'd do this in the first place?

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12. Yup, I think we can say goodbye to our chances of winning anything from this claw machine.

Reddit | Fanchus

Of course, that means we're now only slightly more likely to walk away empty-handed than we were before. Now the claw knows how it feels to get dropped.

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13. Haha, I've never tried to react to an unwanted gift like I wanted to study it. That's an interesting approach.

Getty Images | Charlie Schuck

Although that can kind of come naturally when it's not really clear what somebody just gave you. I think it's a fish?

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14. Haha, foolish mortal. No fortress of solitude can withstand a husky's hunger for attention. 

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

If you somehow made it to Superman's fortress, there'd be a dog right next to the bathroom with the "S" towels.

"Yeah, that's Frank. I don't know how he got here either."

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15. Of course, we can't forget those magical moments where nobody gets what they want.

Reddit | LacomusX

Just like this guy probably didn't want to get stuck in wet cement, the people who worked on it are probably wishing their biggest worry was just someone writing their name.

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16. I don't know, that mirror could've picked a much goofier facial expression for its betrayal.

Twitter | @scixpmas

Besides, the real betrayal comes from inside our bodies whenever we have to sneeze right as somebody's taking a big group shot.

They'll only notice when it's already been posted everywhere.

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