12+ People Not Having The Day They Deserve

Diply 20 Aug 2018

I don't think your average person deserves a bad day, per se, but they're going to come around for everyone eventually. Of course, some unfortunate circumstances are actually funnier than others, so clearly those are the ones we're interested in today.

So, here's a bunch of people who probably didn't deserve the rainstorm of crap that got poured on them in these moments — metaphorically, let's hope.

1. They're just right in your face about it, huh?

Reddit | Reddit

First of all, who's the jerk on camera three that pointed out this lonely boy? I don't care who you are or what you've done, no one deserves to just be put on blast like that.

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2. Who wouldn't be stoked about a giant sandwich? 

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

If he was really bragging, then maybe karma would be an excuse here. But something about the way he's just crying and eating it off the ground gets at least some sympathy points.

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3. Here's a text message you don't wanna get on your commute home.

Twitter | @KieranRiley123

The effort is appreciated and all, but who still needs to learn the lesson that plastic melts? It's one of the meltiest things out there!

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4. They lost their poor meatballs! Did somebody sneeze?

Instagram | @lizzieblizzard

It's a bit hard to make out on the right there, but a ton of them fell in between the seat — smh. Like, how do you even begin to clean that up?

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5. Looking for love in all the wrong places.

Twitter | @hxelprincess

Or, like, literally the worst place to just try and meet someone. At least they didn't get into some disturbing Game Of Thrones situation.

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6. The photographer has all the power at a wedding.

Twitter | @majtague

Don't so much as breathe wrong in their direction! Next thing you know, you're looking like a small-headed man wearing another man's head as a helmet.

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7. Ever check yourself out in a car window? Sure! Ever have a person stare right back at you while doing it? Wait, what?


You can really have sympathy when seeing her reaction at the end there.

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8. What a day for a daydream.

Twitter | @autumnbblack

I've bet we've all been this mindless at some point — are you a fidgety person, too? I am, and we are highly at risk for embarrassing moments like this!

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9. "My little brother worked at my shop with me today, and I convinced him that brick mopping is a thing."

Reddit | SpkyBdgr

As a little brother myself, I feel this pain. Also, let us play as Mario for once!

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10. Dropping your phone is one thing, but dropping it straight into your spokes? Woof.

Reddit | basshead541

Well, pick up the pieces that you can and then just call yourself an Uber...wait, sorry.

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11. Haven't heard of that name before, huh?

Instagram | @MattSingh_

Poor Matt. Hey, maybe you can adopt this moniker and make a parody movie or something, call it Mad Matt. That would be...well, probably terrible.

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12. She's going to wake up in a sticky situation. 

Twitter | @MiaSimper101

How do you even explain this to the poor kid? "Yeah, I donno what happened — a lot of stuff was blowing around."

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13. No matter how you look at it, this spot really stinks.

Reddit | slivr33

And when you're in this position, you really can't help but look at it. Okay, let's stop looking at it.

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14. Alright, so, I guess we're just staying inside now.

Me.me | Me.me

Because if you have to choose between snakes in your car and butts in your subway, there's just no winning.

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15. "We were playing darts and my grandma hit the 'reset' button"

Reddit | lil_quake

I think that technically means Grandma wins the whole game. Tell me that's not the most perfect, if not kind of annoying, shot.

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16. "Some teacher is having a bad day at school today."

Reddit | dream_monkey

A teacher's life is already pretty hectic — I don't think anyone wants to continue teaching their class looking like a shadow monster attacked them.

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