12+ People Who Need To Admit That Mistakes Were Made

Diply 29 Jun 2018

I think we all know that one person who never admits that anything is their fault. They make all the right moves, but that one guy coughed slightly and distracted them.

And that thing that worked perfectly when you used it? It's obviously stupid and broken.

It's a tough road to walk when you're too proud to ask for directions, so hopefully, the people on this list can swallow their pride and admit they took some losses.

1. Yeah, as cute as this dog is, I'm not sure it's gonna fit in with that Instagram crowd.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

Those tend to look more like they're contemplating the secrets of the universe and less like someone just asked them out of the blue what those secrets are.

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2. Unless this guy's as stubborn as an ox, I think we'll finally get to the point where he'll admit he's not actually listening to anything.

Reddit | seven_nation_gus

Although, I guess I hadn't considered that he only keeps saying he can't hear me so he can avoid talking to me.

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3. Somebody apparently left this roll of toilet paper in the sink and forgot about it long enough to do this.

Reddit | usernametakenxD

I'm not sure what made it belong in the sink in the first place, but the point is that it has...limited use now.

I'm not trusting it.

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4. The best thing to do when you make a mistake is to learn from it, and whoever owns this learned not to leave their kid alone with it.

Reddit | craghawk

It's kinda hard to sit down to a serious business meeting with a laptop covered in crayon scribbles.

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5. What's so wrong with this guy's actual interests that he didn't just try to talk about one of them?

Instagram | @kalesalad

She may not be interested, but at least he won't have to Google every name she says to see if she's tripping him up.

What a crazy kid.

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6. Ooof, I don't really remember much about that stage where everything looked like it tasted good, but I'm sure I wouldn't miss it.

Reddit | Sir-Dethicus

I mean, we can see a lot more than just the taste of sand's grossness on this kid's face. We also see betrayal.

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7. I'd be shocked if a cutting board costs more than a tablet, so I'm not sure that this person's really getting the right bang for their buck here.

Reddit | __oWo_

Although, I also wouldn't have guessed that a tablet could have survived this many slashes, so what do I know?

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8. Hmm, I wonder which mistake the sculptor will admit to first: the fact that they forgot Violet or the fact that they made a giant Jack-Jack?

Reddit | -I0N-

Those aren't the only things wrong with these statues, but they're probably the hardest to defend.

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9. Yeah, they really should have made up their minds as to whether this is a conference room or a bathroom because it's probably neither right now.

Reddit | pulsephaze22

That said, the fact that there's actually toilet paper means I might find myself desperate enough to use it someday.

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10. That's the problem with trying to cover up your mistakes. No matter how hard you try, they'll reveal themselves in the end.

Reddit | messiestobject

This should really tell you why it doesn't work when you don't actually try that hard and leave evidence lying in plain sight.

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11. Yeah, combining the bathroom and laundry room may seem like a clever use of space until you find yourself fishing your socks out of the toilet.

Reddit | simplyGagi

Unfortunately, the excuse to make whoever's peeing do the laundry isn't really worth that sinking feeling.

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12. As much as I liked Take Your Kid To Work Day growing up, I think it needs a little more prep in some jobs than others.

Reddit | RockyTheHusky

Like, I don't know, giving the young'un their own mini beekeeper suit might've been a good idea.

Plus, it'd look cute.

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13. Sing it with me now, "One of these things is not like the other."

Reddit | Aesho

I don't know whether they thought this might work if they pressed "record" or if they're just trying to change the channel to someone more interesting.

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14. Either someone messed up with the sign placement, or Jesus is out here prankin' people again.

Reddit | OODanK

Might as well head to the fish and bread aisle to see if there's any buy 2 or 5, feed 5,000 free deals!

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15. There's no other way to say it, this service is gonna stink one way or another.

The Chive | The Chive

Either literally or figuratively, really. I doubt they did this because the restroom is always clean.

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16. Maybe I missed something in the deleted scenes? Nah, I definitely would've caught that on the Blu-ray version.

Reddit | Bawookles

Besides, if anything, this would fit more as a shot from the first Shrek, when he's all angry and fighting Thor...wait.

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17. And this is why I'm so very happy we have editors here!

Instagram | @carltonhimself

I guess, they're technically not wrong. I'm sure this guy can swim just as fine as he walks on land. Smh.

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18. Yeah, sometimes you're gonna want to take that human touch over autocorrect. You never know what they'll come up with.

Twitter | @iofunnypictures

What else can you say, other than the fact that it turned out to be a sight for sore eyes?

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19. Hmm, so, I guess this was just for looks and appearances? 

Reddit | eddygoombah

Because nothing is coming out of that vent, for sure. I just don't know why they bothered putting it up in the first place.

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20. You're gonna want to be extra careful driving home with those.

Reddit | sivy83

I just really hope they weren't trying to pimp their ride by giving it antlers or something. Xzibit would not approve.

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21. I'm gonna be charitable and guess that they took a wrong turn and panicked in the faint hope that they could drive their way out of here.

Reddit | fkutsyllo

But unless they're better at running this course in reverse than spotting it in the first place, that's it.

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22. This obviously didn't go as he planned, but I'll give the guy credit for not being scared enough to point the champagne bottle away on instinct.

Reddit | Beamaverick21

That had to take more confidence than I've ever seen in someone who just popped their first bottle.

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23. Honestly, the dog seems just as angry about this bizarre grooming job as its owner.

Instagram | @unilad

I guess it takes an unwanted squirrel cosplay to make a dog go from perfectly happy to asking to see the manager.

That's not a lesson I expected to learn today.

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24. So, I got stopped for a random screening, but this guy somehow made it onto the runway in his boxers without anyone batting an eye?

Reddit | Somali_Pir8

I just wanna know what this guy's endgame is here? He...he does know how fast planes go, right?

This isn't finessed.

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