14+ People Who Nailed The Big Moods Of Back To School

Diply 21 Aug 2018

As the summer draws to a close, millions of kids are slowly facing the reality that they have to go back to school. In a way, the period leading up to this return was my least favorite part of the year because every TV commercial wouldn't shut up about my fate.

I seriously did a lamenting groan after each one, which I'm sure didn't annoy my parents at all.

But even though a lot of folks would call that groan their "big mood" about going back, it's far from the only one. If these pictures tell us anything, it's that our feelings about starting all of this over again can be...complicated.

1. Since memes are how a lot of us mentally prepare for stuff we don't wanna do, it only makes sense to make them part of the day.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Let's not pretend this isn't the exact attitude we cop when a nosy hall monitor gets in our faces.

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2. We rolled our eyes when Mom said to "practice getting up early," but this is what happens when we don't.

Reddit | taylorclark0808

Mind you, I can't deny that I wish I thought of this for the first day.

"We're still telling fun facts about ourselves? OK, back to sleep."

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3. Apparently, a bunch of kids decided to spruce up the floor buffer just to give the custodians a shout-out.

Reddit | jtnichol

Hey, at least something is smiling on the first day back. And what else are you gonna do with googly eyes that big? Not use them?

That's criminal.

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4. We can either groan at whatever teacher decided to be "down with the kids," or we can laugh at those tiny hands.

Reddit | catracho1992

If you don't like the extra stuff they've got Drake saying, don't worry. Some kid will switch the letters around within a week.

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5. Well, I guess this is one way to chase away the back to school blues. Just prank your rival school!

Reddit | danthoms

I gotta love the commitment of somehow tracking down pants for this mascot just so they can pull them down.

What's this guy even supposed to be?

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6. Apparently, somebody drew something gross here before, so I can definitely appreciate why somebody wouldn't be trying to look at that all semester.

Reddit | xxoczukxx

And I don't know about y'all, but if anything can cheer me up about going to school, it's a nice, friendly duck.

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7. This dude's got a bold strategy, but I like the way he thinks. Always do your most ridiculous presentation first.

Reddit | sylezjusz

That way, when you actually start trying to do your real school work and stop trying to bring back disco, the teacher will think you're learning from them and give you A's.

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8. If anyone's trying to remember how to do all this school stuff again, don't worry. This should remind you that you're not alone.

Reddit | scottriklis

It's way too early in the year for the bus driver to keep track of who's still on the bus.

That's our job, now.

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9. Ah, this kid's horrific, mummified lunch perfectly illustrates how done we were when summer came — and how much it sucks to pick up the pieces now.

Reddit | aupdegrove24

Yeah, this lunch was left in there all summer. And that gross brown stuff? That used to be carrots.

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10. After enough years in this scholastic cycle, you can pretty much say all of the teacher clichés right along with them.

Reddit | LilOstia

But this is probably the easier option if you want to avoid what's in the top right corner. Besides, that would be cheating.

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11. This one kid's drawing has so many big moods in it that I'm not even sure where to begin.

Reddit | reyh-nyr

The tears are a big part of it, but there's also the fact that he couldn't bring himself to say "I love school" and drew spaghetti instead.

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12. So, this parent wanted a back-to-school photo of their kid, but I definitely can't blame the dude for reacting like this.

Reddit | cclaytonr

Because if there's anything I'd want to capture about this moment, it's that I was trying to get the whole term over with ASAP.

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13. That's a nice thought, but some of us need to be honest with ourselves and say that "happy" isn't the word we'd use.

Reddit | DontHateMasticate

Honestly, the fact that there are any kids in this family who are at least reasonably OK with being here is amazing.

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14. It's easy to see teachers as the enemy sometimes, but they're also the ones who have to stare down 30 of y'all every day.

Reddit | pileofduke

Remember, they're just as afraid of you as you are of them. Unless you've got a class full of unicorns or something.

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15. If you're too old to relate to what high school kids are going through, this might speak to you a little clearer.

Instagram | @kalesalad

No matter how delightfully evil it feels to gloat about not going back yet, that takes up valuable sleeping time.

Enjoy it while you can.

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16. Hmm, I don't know. It feels kind of dangerous to say something like this. It's almost daring kids to play Fortnite in class. 

Reddit | texves

Although as soon as somebody is "totally cheating" and gets a "lucky" kill on them, that student's game is over.

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