12+ People Who Made The Mistake Of Trusting Anyone But Themselves

Diply 17 Jul 2018

Honestly bbys, please take several seats for a hot sec. I have some breaking news.

Trust is, like, hard!!!!!

I know, right? Shocking!!!! Nobody truly deserves trust.

I'm distraught and upset. Pls respect my privacy during this difficult time.

Here are some people who prove ain't nobody got ur back but you these days, boo!!!!!!

1. Is it worse to be catfished by a sandwich, or by a mans? Honestly y'all, I cannot decide!

Instagram | @some_bull_ish

Imagine thinking bae made a beautiful (?) ham sandwich for your lunch, only to find out it's all show and no grow!

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2. This is an absolutely not, for me.

Instagram | @x_antisocial_butterfly_x

Decorating is already something I wish I didn't have to do (hello, interior decorator???) and now I'm getting snaked by a brand I thought I could trust? Like what is u doin' Amazon?!

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I will literally crush your tiny l'il legs and break your back before you can even say "free returns."

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3. This is why you always, always, ALWAYS ask before u stuff ur face with random seeds, bby.

Instagram | @some_bull_ish

You can't just assume anything in a Ziplock bag is perfectly cute and edible. Like, that is a dangerous game to play. Do you KNOW what my mom keeps in those???

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4. KK, BUT WHY does anyone invite their ex to their wedding in the first place????

Instagram | @kalesalad

HA, as IF I'd let anyone give me requests for my wedding playlist.

CLEARLY, this is a reminder that if you want something right, you MUST do it yourself!

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5. This woman has CLEARLY been burned by placing her luggage trust in the wrong hands.

Instagram | @gods.pen.is

There are only so many times you can ask to speak to the manager about your lost suitcase before u throw your ish to the wind.

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6. This sad woman was going for a bridal glow makeup beat, but instead she got a bridal O HELL NO, amirite ladies?!

Reddit | drops_of_sunshine

This is like, next level atrocious.

Sephora is literally crying RN.

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7. I mean, you wouldn't think there was such a large margin of error for like, literally the simplest sandwich ever.

Twitter | @ErinChack

In what world does a hard boiled egg go ANYWHERE near a bagelwich???

Absolutely not.

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8. Im soooooooo sorry girl, but why on EARTH did you have any expectations higher than an actual pair of Crocs???

Twitter | @ktequilaa

These shoes are disgusting but, like, it's the thought that counts?


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Sorry to tell ya boo, but it is time to start looking for a new sugar daddy real quick.


It's 2018, we are not here for daddies with no taste.

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9. "Okay thanksss."

Twitter | @8urnt

I hope and pray every night before I rest that Brooke did not take herself to Starbucks and order a Frappajappajooza.

She must know in her heart it's fake. She MUST!

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10. This is what happens when you trust that just ANY OLD QUEEN can cook!!!

Instagram | Instagram

Only you know how much cheese to put in your Mac n' Cheese.

Only you know how much soy sauce makes your perfect California roll.

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11. High fashion is often, like, next-level stupid, but this is pushing it REAL GOOD.

Reddit | KBAREY

Can you imagine just blindly trusting what the fashion industry says is cute and stylish???

I truly hate that for you.

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12. This is literally me.

Twitter | @mikster24za

Tupperware doesn't grow on trees, mmmkay, sir? It's not a plastic container free for all at MY house!!!

You wanna treat my things like trash? Cool. I'll just give u a trash bag to take urself HOME.

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13. Imagine being this dedicated to anything.

Twitter | @babyyyrice

What if her crush literally rolled outta bed and got ready and cute to snap her back, only to discover they were being SNAKED the whole time???

Never trust an animal ear Snapchat filter, y'all.

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14. Imagine trusting that your PAYING tenant wouldn't be an actual Pepsi hoarder???

Reddit | Reddit

Believing in people is honestly so dangerous. Look at that poor cat. Look at the fear in their eyes.

Absolutely not.

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15. April Fool's Day is the WORST.

Reddit | Savioreigh

Unless you live in a house where every day is April Fool's Day. This poor girl's dad is basically Jigsaw.

No, Dad, I don't want to play a game.

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16. Sometimes, you have to fork over your camera to a stranger on vacay to get that sweet, Insta-worthy shot.

Reddit | batmanfantasy

Oh, nice work, rando. Was it really so hard to figure out what he was going for???

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17. Chore-bots are great until you actually give them a choice.

Reddit | Roberjough

You can't even blame a poor robotic vacuum for making a run for it rather than sucking up your Frito crumbs.

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18. So, um, I'm guessing this guy left a one-star review?

Reddit | mayofiendz

I mean, maybe the light bulb did actually fill up with a dose of hot coffee after all? So, maybe a two-star review?

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19. Can you imagine your dog-sitter setting this business up in front of your webcam?

Reddit | rtao

I want to see my good boy when I'm away, not this empty reassurance!

It's actually pretty funny tho.

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20. If anybody is going to hide a surprise inside my corn bread, it better not be broccoli.

Reddit | Justsoinsane

That is where the bacon goes, and as we all know, bacon > broccoli.

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21. Just a reminder, folks: pack your own dang lunch.

Reddit | RayWonder

I mean, yes, you deserve a fancy feast, but you're better than actual Fancy Feast. Unless, idk, you want a shiny, lustrous coat.

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22. Okay, that is a good deal for an invisibility cloak.

Reddit | DabneyEatsIt

I suspect that it's not an official, licensed Harry Potter product. But if you pay, well, you'll get exactly what you deserve.

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