13+ People Who Made Their Choice And Stuck With It

Diply 24 Oct 2018

Commitment can be scary. It's the reason you secretly sabotage all of your relationships (yeah, I see what you're doing over there).

The fear of making a permanent mistake can be debilitating, so it's honestly kind of refreshing to see people taking big chances and just seeing them through. Sometimes they pay off, sometimes they don't.

1. I think I get it, but somebody obviously didn't make a plan before they started making this sign.

Imgur | anlyin

Then again, I'm always excited for when things end up sounding way dirtier than people intended them to in the first place. Because I'm 8, apparently.

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2. Hard to argue with that, tbh.

Twitter | @bryonygundy

This is really just a mess. There are expressions mixed in with nouns and instructions. I hate it from top to bottom, and you're not going to be able to convince me otherwise.

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3. Jortoise.

Twitter | @maaraacuna

Also, does this turtle or tortoise or whatever it is have a dog tag? But I'm glad that somebody finally decided to figure out that age-old debate about how a turtle would wear pants. Even Franklin didn't want to figure out that mystery.

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4. This is the kind of misunderstanding that makes you famous for...ever.

Twitter | @mirandaasantos

Oh Susan (and of course her name would be Susan), you sweet, adorable woman. But I appreciate that she just leaned into it and sent the photos.

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5. Sometimes the best choice you can make is figuring out how to make a choice.

Twitter | @Jared_l_Baker

Also, these people seem way more cultured than I am. I have, like, three restaurants that I go to.

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6. Be careful what you wish for.

Reddit | Spar34

I love how official the Snap caption is for that emergency room. I bet there are all sorts of fun pictures that come out of there.

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7. Some mistakes are just way too expensive to fix.

Imgur | MadKingsDaughter

Sometimes getting that tattoo just doesn't pan out. But you can do like that one mom did, and change your kid's name after you misspell it in the tattoo.

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8. We've been debating this around the office, but absolutely no one understands what she said.

Twitter | @angelicaterance

To be honest, it pretty quickly turned into people ooh-ing and ahh-ing about how good her nose looks.

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9. Sometimes, choices have consequences, and that's okay.

Imgur | Jpa1137

Also, Gus is a perfect name for a goose. It's Gus the goose. What more do you want from goose-naming?

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10. This is totally me making Kool-Aid except for the part where this looked like an accident.


I was never the kind of kid to understand that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

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11. When they lie to your face, but they also warn you that they're a liar.

Reddit | nubeblog

It's like someone starting a sentence with "No offense, but..." except that doesn't normally trigger people's celiac disease.

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12. I'm not exactly sure what kind of a mood these Halloween decorations are going for, but they sure pulled it off.

Reddit | reachmou

At least I'm hoping these are decorations. I can tolerate the dead rising, but doing yoga in public? No, thank you.

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13. Sometimes, you've just got to lean into what you've already got.

Reddit | Reddit

Like if you're already looking a lot like Sid from Toy Story, then what do you have to lose rocking this as your Halloween costume?

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14. "Can you tell me which parking spot is mine?"

Reddit | BrianAIGA

"No," replied the confused parking attendant, "I literally can't."

How would you pronounce this? Thorfty-five is my best guess.

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15. Several choices were made here, and I don't know how to feel about any of them.

Reddit | Roosterstein

Like, the grass wrap is pretty absurd to start with, but what's going on with that MC Hammer pant print on the bumper?

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16. Art, but make it fashion.

Reddit | MrRicardo

If there's one thing I know about Banksy, it's how much they'd probably love their art being commercialized and made into a Halloween costume. I can't wait to see this in stores next Halloween with the name "Destroyed Bank Art" or something like it.

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