13+ People Who Knew How To Delight And Excite

Diply 23 Aug 2018

Do you have that one friend who you'll sometimes call and just whine, "I'm bored!" at? And no matter how annoyed they are by it, they'll always think of something fun to do?

My mom's one of those because whenever I said that nothing happened at school, she'd ask me stuff like, "Did a bird fly in and poop on everybody?" until I actually told her what happened. This makes her the only person I've heard of who made that conversation enjoyable.

But although we may not hear the interesting things the people on this list have to say, we can definitely see the wild stuff they're up to.

1. As far as I can tell, the only war that doesn't turn out badly is a sticky note war.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Even a prank war can end with people getting arrested, but the worst you can say here is, "Oh no, their pictures are prettier than ours!"

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2. Just because this guy looks neither delighted nor excited doesn't mean he can't make us feel that way.

Reddit | burninjoe

Honestly, if I found a way to take my fish for a walk without some uncomfortable-looking fishbowl helmet, nobody could make me grumpy about it.

But whatever...

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3. Considering how dreary this scene would be otherwise, I'm glad that someone decided to spice it up with that adorable lion.

Reddit | GniloiLebedb

These guys may be able to resist cracking a smile as long as they're pensively smoking, but just wait until those cigarettes run out.

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4. I'm not sure how we could have known this, but I didn't know Wookies shed their fur like snakes do with their skin.

Instagram | Instagram

For all we know, Chewbacca never shut up about it. I'm glad we never had to look at the pink, hairless version, though.

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5. You know what? I'm glad to see that Christopher Robin never quite lost his imagination.

Reddit | mk4rim

The Hundred Acre Wood was nice and all, but it was distinctly lacking in theme parks. Pooh's probably still gonna find a way to get stuck up here, though.

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6. I guarantee that this guy's gonna tell his friends that he was in a Jacuzzi with four girls when this is all over.

Reddit | sayfee

And even if they see this picture, it'll be just true enough that he'll probably still have that exact same smile on.

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7. I normally struggle to understand why stuff like this even happens, but I think I've finally got this one figured out.

Reddit | dciept

Obviously, this person thought this gorilla mask had the perfect "Do you mind?" face and wanted to ace creating the right atmosphere for it.

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8. Given how serious the solider is, I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually a drill instructor trying to psyche him out.

Reddit | 420_E-SportsMasta

OK, fine, I just want that to be true because the mental image of Rainbow Dash barking really harsh orders at people is hilarious.

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9. This girl knows that if you need to call AAA, you need to do it in style.

Reddit | tscxcvi

After all, you only need one phone to make the call. Any spare ones are totally free to take photos so y'all should seize that opportunity.

Safely, of course.

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10. Well, this was probably the opposite of what this car's owner wanted...but I guess it could be worse?

Reddit | cyan1618

Like, this is actually kind of a neat little paint job. It's got a sky, birds, and...frogs, I think? Add a happy sun with shades and it's perfect!

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11. Nothing about this looks comfortable, but I still kind of admire this person's dedication to goofing off.

Reddit | AvTeCxd

I suppose the real punishment for doing this in class would be to make them keep it on for the rest of the period.

Seriously, it looks wildly uncomfortable.

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12. Based on the dad's facial expression, I'm guessing that turning his kid into a heavy sun hat wasn't his idea.

Reddit | Achoo_Gesundheit

"Daddy, I'm bored. I wanna go in the water now."
"Thank god because this really can't be good for either of our spines."

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13. Is it weird that the only thing that really jumps out at me about this picture is that there's no hat or jar for tips?

Reddit | Dick-Machinko

Sure, they're playing weird metal instruments in weird metal bug masks. Whatever. But why do any of this for free?

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14. Whatever this doggo was doing, it couldn't have been too bad if it's respecting the caution tape better than some humans.

Instagram | @realbigmoods

I don't know, maybe they knew this was a perfectly good pupper and didn't want to get the scary construction equipment anywhere near it.

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15. I'm sorry to break it to whoever received this, but their uncle is a bold-faced liar.

Instagram | Instagram

Dude just found a picture of a real athlete and acted like some kind of technical wizard. Thanks, jerk, I was staring at this guy's neckline trying to find pixels for nothing.

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16. Haha, I hope that someday my brain can win me as many brownie points as this guy probably got.

Instagram | Instagram

Not only did he find a way to carry her and catch her puke at once, but that bucket hides her face, so she has plausible deniability.

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