16 People Who Just Need A Do-Over

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Sometimes, we get too caught up in the moment, and we totally forget to be rational and think things through. And that's exactly what happened to these people, except their mistakes were pretty messy. Some of them will lose their jobs, and others will probably end up on reality TV...it's really just a huge mess in here.

1. At least it's leaking in the bathtub.

Reddit | iBleeedorange

I know using faucets can be tricky somethings, you know, with all the rotating it properly to get the perfect temperature. But pulling? I don't know what temperature she was going for with that move.

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2. "We're in bed I swear xx"

Twitter | @shannonhay5

As much as I applaud this elaborate plan, I just feel like there were 51654165 easier ways to get the job done. Like, I guarantee the cutting hair part could've been excluded if given another option, no?

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3. It's just one frustration after the next.

Reddit | TheBrowning95

Maybe there's another snack at the top they can buy to push both the drink and the sandwich down? Kinda like playing a game of bowling where the stakes are just really high and possibly v expensive.

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4. You just never know with these beauty gurus anymore, man...

Twitter | @halalgang_

I feel like there's a lot of cute pink things to compare your nails to. On the one hand, I'm applauding her creativity, and on the other hand, I'm hungry now.

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5. Luckily, there's always those TV shows where tattoo artists cover up failed ones.... 

Imgur | Imgur

I mean, it's too late for a refund, but at least they can still get on reality TV, which is basically the American Dream in 2018.

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6. Yep, looks like she'll be joining the cast too.

Twitter | @dumbpaola

Unless she's a very compassionate nurse who really cares about her patients, I don't think this is what she was going for.

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7. We've found a third contestant! Who knew writing for Diply would be the beginning of my TV casting career? 

Instagram | @tatum.strangely

Like, it's a prime location for a meaningful tattoo, but I mean...

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8. I guess it's time for a new dentist...

Twitter | @xtinanovakovic

The one thing more awkward than when the dentist tries to talk to you while their fist is in your mouth...is when you accidentally go in for a hug.

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9. And time for a new phone...

Twitter | @CeciMula

It's time to make the switch to Android because I feel like Alexa wouldn't do you like that. Siri's just gotten too comfortable lately.

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10. You know you've screwed up when grandma uses your last name.

Twitter | @cambreezyyyy

Maybe grandma was just disappointed in her spelling, because autocorrect was clearly not her friend that night.

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11. This is the most millennial thing I've ever seen.

Twitter | @SpideyNikka

I know taking selfies at inappropriate times is like second nature to us, but this poor teacher is so shook, literally...

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12. Wait, no. This is the most millennial thing I've ever seen.

Twitter | @WhiteKidCanJump

I'm sure Factune would've come in real handy here, and if not, let's hope the picture was cropped in iMessage and his momma didn't know she had to click it for the full view...

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13. Maybe this one takes the cake...he'll definitely be job hunting after this.

Twitter | @kylestaceyx

In his defense, no one really "fancies" overtime, especially during their week off. Maybe he should also switch to Android...

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14. My favorite kind of baby girl too.

Tumblr | talkwise

If you think about it, this mom isn't totally wrong. That looks like a delicious chicken that totally deserves this kind of love.

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15. Is this covered under Apple's warranty? 

Instagram | @shmoney.spams

"Oh no! Physical damage isn't covered? Oh...well, what about emotional damage, because I'm so sad that this happened? Like, so, so sad."

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16. I guess someone's been watching too much Food Network lately.

Instagram | @dario.j.peg

We've all gone down the rabbit hole of binge-watching Chopped, followed by a period where we think we're chefs. But it's moments like these that snap us back to reality. Flipping food in a pan is hard, okay?

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