12+ People Who Got Inventive With Their Tech

Diply 14 Aug 2018

Technology has done a lot for us as a species, but sometimes you need to push it beyond what it was designed for to be capable getting the job done.

These modern-day MacGyvers know how to repurpose their gadgets to enhance their standard of living... Well, mostly.

1. When you have a lot of yard work to do but there's only so much time in the day, reach for your good old robo-pal Chainsaw Roomba.

Reddit | Pbub1

Just remember to, er, unequip him of more dangerous implements after it's done.

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2. Need to win yourself a chicken dinner on the go? No problem. All you need is about $100 worth of equipment and a flat surface.

Reddit | TheLordOfBees

It only just occurred to me that, like, 90% of first-person shooter games only use the left half of the keyboard. What's up with that?

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3. Screen-peeking is a serious problem for gaming night, and all kinds of methods have been employed to curb its influence.

Reddit | ComedyInvasion

Still, nothing quite works like taping cardboard to the TV and having one person wear it like a hat. Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best.

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4. When the window doesn't wanna stay open, the closest Mac is clearly the best option to solve the problem.

Reddit | Jakrah

All the windows at the Apple head office are held open by old Mac models. It was Steve Jobs' last wish.

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5. I need to ask this person which extension I need to install for this option.

Reddit | StanIY

The next time my computer suddenly shuts down to update, it'll literally be over my cold, dead body.

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6. This might be an article about being inventive with your tech, but sometimes, less is more.

Reddit | TheFingerBlast

Restrictions breed creativity, that's what I always say. When's the last time you used any button besides these ones, anyway?

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7. Well, that's certainly one way to put your PC in "sleep" mode.

Reddit | Thiischris

I bet what she gains in peace of mind, she loses in money buying new monitors every couple of months.

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8. "Getting inventive" can also be interpreted as "knowing how to prank someone" with technology.

Reddit | zekechill

You can't say this ain't creative! In all seriousness, I hope they actually got their Switch, or the pranker might be dead right now.

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9. After all, isn't a laptop just a large phone that you can't fit in your pocket?

Twitter | @sorrysoiree

Nowadays, when you want to ground your kids, don't take away their devices...take away their charger cords.

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10. Here's a PC gamer who never goes anywhere without a mouse close at hand. It's like a fanny pack, except somehow even dorkier.

Reddit | TalkSickMind

Guys with belts like these have a 3.14159% chance of stealing your girl.

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11. A bunch of nerds or the world's first cyborg-themed boy band? You decide!

Reddit | cloudform

I like to go with the boy band angle, and call them Boyz 2.0 Men or nCloudSync.

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12. People who charge their phones on the train are thinking too small.

Reddit | sajibkumarbhadra

Beat the morning blues by bringing your toaster, blender, and/or coffee machine with you, and enjoy a fresh breakfast on the move!

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13. This is how the robots will infiltrate our society: pretending to leave and then leaving a massive metal horse at our doorstep.

Reddit | FibrousMetal

Never look a giant metal horse in the mouth.

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14. Computer manufacturing, no doubt, has an impact on the environment, which makes this e-quarium (hah!) all the cooler.

Reddit | al3xwuzhere

This would make a wicked screensaver, now that I think about it.

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15. Fun fact: your laptop that often runs red hot can double as a warmer for your danger noodle.

Reddit | Noerdy

Just be sure that you don't shut it on them by accident.

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16. If your apartment/dorm bans hot plates, don't worry. Running anything electronic for long enough gets you roughly the same result.

Reddit | iworshipwabbits

I once fried an egg on my laptop after keeping it on for eight hours.

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