13+ People Who Gave It Their All When They Didn't Have To

Diply 18 Oct 2018

Whenever you get a group together to play a game, there's always one friend who ends up taking it way too seriously. I know this because depending on the game, that guy is me.

It's not that I throw a tantrum and flip the table or something, but you're also not gonna meet too many other folks who've been kicked out of laser tag for doing combat rolls.

But as annoying as these friends can be, there are advantages to going way harder than anybody needed you to.

I can't prove that, but these people can.

1. Yeah, I think it's time we replaced those campfire stories about hook-handed menaces with something that really chills us to the bone.

Twitter | @scixpmas

"And when she asked her coworker for her charger back, he cackled and asked 'What percent are you on?'"

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2. Yeah, this is probably the only time where we could consider golf an extreme sport.

Reddit | MomanTy

I guess a game where you can only say, "Forget it, it's too late for him now" when you lose a ball has officially stopped being boring, but at what cost?

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3. Haha, even the guy actually riding this monstrosity seems to realize he may have gone too far here.

Reddit | TakexTrip

Plus, all that effort is wasted if you don't have a tiny skater doing tricks on the mini-half pipe you're riding.

Why isn't that in a Tony Hawk game?

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4. Ah, yes. I'm sure those crushed toes will feel completely worth it when victory is in their grasp.

Instagram | Instagram

Well, it probably won't be for her, but that guy doesn't have a face that says, "I can be reasoned with right now."

Avoid at all costs.

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5. This may be a nice, casual place, but that just means it's a perfect opportunity to be extra unopposed.

Instagram | Instagram

And in this case, that's a very good thing because things would probably get ugly very quickly if someone showed up dressed as the Wendy's logo.

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6. I can't say I've ever been bored while peeing, but I guess needing this and wanting it aren't quite the same thing.

Reddit | ChernobylComments

Plus, it's a pretty handy way to ensure that everybody keeps their eyes on their business. Hmm, we'll need some time to think about this.

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7. I don't know, is making sure that nobody ever needs to ask for the time really worth trying to wind that thing?

Reddit | TwesTo

I give it a week before this person realizes why Flavor Flav wears his clock around his neck. It's much more practical that way.

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8. At this point, I'm not even gonna assume that somebody ate this on a dare. 

Reddit | 3iiis

I'm just glad that they didn't say something like, "You already know what's going on." They know we'll be thinking about this at night, but they have to live their truth.

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9. Well, it's getting close to Halloween, so I'm just gonna guess that they're trying to make their house extremely spooky to record collectors.

Reddit | Reddit

"Oh God, you can't just leave them out here! What if it rains? None of these better be the original pressings."

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10. Yeah, this is a much better way to learn about this than a movie full of crushing feels and bad singing.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Seriously, go back and listen to the songs in All Dogs Go To Heaven. If you don't immediately go, "oof," you've got a strong constitution.

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11. Considering how badly bike locks have failed us, maybe this is really the silent guardian we need.

Reddit | babydoll_bd

Like, a lot of us can't even pee when somebody is watching. Imagine committing a crime with the judging, dark eyes of a dog statue staring you down.

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12. I'd be impressed with just the screaming Luigi, but actually giving him something to scream about is genius.

Reddit | EMGZ

No matter where you live, this is the easiest way to make it feel like a mansion. But of course, it's a haunted one. There's always a catch.

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13. Yeah, the laundromat isn't exactly a place that screams "excitement" so you gotta do what you gotta do with a kid in tow.

Getty Images | Hero Images

It may not have a pinball machine like mine did, but I hope there are at least enough machines here to make a decent runway.

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14. I obviously haven't wanted anything in a freezer this hard since I was a kid, because that's the last time I remember doing this.

Instagram | Instagram

Of course, watch me start waxing on about how I've lost my inner child only to find out he just fell in a freezer.

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15. This may not be able to stop the tears, but it should at least be a handy way to keep them contained.

Reddit | GoingOnYourTomb

Sorry, onions. You can only make yourselves so difficult to cut because we'll always find a clever way around your teary defenses.

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16. Considering that this mannequin can't throw the punch themselves, I'm guessing that whoever did this will jump out of a clothes rack or something.

Twitter | @scixpmas

Hmm, or maybe I'm underestimating how extra they are. Maybe this is only a mannequin disguise!

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