16 People Who Found A Way To Do Them

Diply 12 Jun 2018

Growing up, we heard all the little self-esteem clichés our moms used to tell us. You know, stuff like, "You're special," "Just be yourself," and, "You must quickly and mercilessly crush your enemies."

OK, that last one might have just been my mom, but you get the idea. And although this world has made sure we don't feel very special anymore, being yourself still isn't necessarily bad advice.

After all, I don't wanna picture a world where these people weren't themselves.

1. OK, I think this guy's making fun of posts like, "Who says tall girls can't wear blue?" but I really want this to be him defiantly living his truth.  

Instagram | @kalesalad

Because the thought of somebody yelling this exact thing from a car window at him is amazing.

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2. Sure, we all say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but this person lives that harder than any of us.

Reddit | LocalBoyMakesMovies

We may turn to certain books for guidance, but this breakfast fanatic's mentor is the nutritional facts on the Cheerios box.

Bowls are for quitters.

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3. I like how time-traveling Colonel Sanders here is trying to play it cool, like we won't recognize him.

Reddit | Horr1sHiberdal3

But we should probably leave him alone. He still has to figure out what popcorn chicken is. Don't even get him started on the double down.

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4. As if life with a mirror for a head wasn't tough enough, this poor guy is learning that taking a selfie is literally impossible.

Reddit | mapleleafraggedy

But he's not gonna let that stop him. Someday, he's gonna find the funhouse that makes his dreams come true.

Truly inspirational.

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5. I wonder whether she found out her smile was like the Mona Lisa's and went for it, or if she practiced it after getting this outfit. 

Reddit | FitWedding

Either way, I am not believing this happened by accident unless a bearded guy flies by in a wooden helicopter.

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6. Speaking as the kid who also dreamed of video games when someone made him play sports, I can see how this would be an important victory. 

Reddit | Billisits

Sure, there's no cheering crowd, but there's also nobody to yell, "This sucks, where's the baseball?" and continue the cycle.

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7. Haha, the only way I can interpret that look on her face is, "I wish one of these punks would tell me I'm not allowed to have a cat on the bus."

Reddit | Knonkels

That would just be her cue to reveal that cat isn't real, but still...

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8. No matter how proud he may be of that suit, a long day of being a vegetable man is still a long day.

Reddit | switchedtoday

I wonder if he says, "My carrots are cooked," instead of, "My dogs are barking," when his feet hurt.

One of life's little mysteries.

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9. Well, of all the coping strategies they can have while bae's away, she'll probably find this one the cutest. 

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

It definitely beats the part where you do her voice and pretend to keep having conversations with her. My ex didn't like that one at all.

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10. Never give up on your dreams. After all, people probably told whoever made this statue that nobody would pay them to make little girls look like middle-aged men.

Reddit | floatingcruton

But hey, look who showed them! I don't know why that guy in green is stealing her pinwheel, though.

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11. And you know who else didn't give up on their dreams? Charlie Chaplin!

Instagram | @will_ent

People thought he was nuts when he vowed to be the supreme meme lord of the 2010s, but are you gonna try to deny he did that after seeing this?

I didn't think so.

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12. Taking your chicken for a ride may be weird, but if you think about it, it's technically safer than going with human friends.

Reddit | Wallahu

After all, it's no problem if you don't have a spare helmet. When things get scary, it can just flap away from danger.

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13. Uh-oh, watch out for these wild and crazy guys. Now that their friend's asleep, they're going to...make chocolate milk!

Reddit | lnterplanetary

OK, I don't know what's so savage about that either, but hush. If that's the craziest thing they can think of, they're nice boys.

Don't ruin that.

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14. Hmm, maybe protests would go a lot better if people had to explain their signs. 

Twitter | @JasFly

People will get mad at signs they don't like on sight, but it's easier to have a dialogue when you ask whether the bad man is the blue or green scribble.

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15. I guess I can see the logic here. Why save up for an entire car when the battery is the most important part?  

Reddit | Reddit

Sure, it may not have fancy things like cup holders or safety ratings, but a souped-up Power Wheels will get you there.

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16. If these signs aren't gonna tell them why they can't barbecue, then they're not gonna figure out why they have to listen to them.

Reddit | Bistritean

While we're at it, if a bear in a hat asks for pic-a-nic baskets, they will feed him, thank you very much.

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