15+ People Who Figured Out How To Make Their Own Fun

Diply 26 Jun 2018

We all have a deepest fear, but my mom's biggest concern is honestly being bored. So whenever things get boring and she can do something about it, she'll mess with Dad and I, or dance in the middle of the street.

In other words, she's very good at making her own fun. You'd have to try pretty hard to get her to stop, but please don't.

After all, we need more people like her in our lives — and lucky for all y'all, I've found some.

1. The best part about this ID — besides finally finding a DMV with a sense of humor — is that Thor might not even get the joke. 

Instagram | @kalesalad

"Why, yes. I would love to have a residence at Large Hammer lane. Why does the number make you giggle?"

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2. It's not my ideal first date either, but it's heartwarming to see that the kids who ate grass during soccer practice grow up and found love. 

Reddit | moonchildmochi

Honestly, I'll stop rolling my eyes at Disney remaking everything if this is how they do Lady and the Tramp.

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3. I’d have thought that this would be the only time she wouldn't be flattered by being compared to a work of art, but I'm OK with being wrong. 

Reddit | nighhtvid

There's just something elegant about the way she tucks her head in her coat, and her followers will agree.

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4. Obviously, somebody wanted to call our bluff for every time we said a pupper was so cute we could eat it up. 

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

And no, I wouldn't be able to actually eat this, but you don't know how unashamed I am to cuddle with this cookie.

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5. Their drawings may fall off the fridge, but this kid found a way to make their mark and get away with it. 

Instagram | @thesavageposts

I hope the mom literally said, "There are no mistakes, only happy little accidents," as she painted, because this gives me serious Bob Ross vibes.

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6. A lesser man would've just noped all the way out of there, but some people can apparently make friends with anyone

Instagram | @streetcatto

I can't remember many horror movies where the monster was straight-up defeated by friendship, but I think this guy could seriously do it.

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7. Well, I assume this is this guy's bed. If he wants to risk getting giant mustard all over it, that's his business

Reddit | WootWootLol

Based on what I know about this kind of behavior, it's probably 3 a.m. and he meant to go to bed hours ago.

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8. I'd normally see this as a warning sign, but her reaction feels weirdly comforting to me. 

Reddit | bsurfn2day

If she told me that Noodles just wanted to show us what a tall boy he is, that might convince me to stop cowering in the corner.

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9. I'm happy to see that we were able to pass our greatest achievements on to...past generations? 

Instagram | @will_ent

Look, the fact that our legacy got lost on the way to the future isn't important. The fact that our grandparents can seriously spot dankness is beautiful enough.

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10. If you have a mysterious block that’s the exact right size and shape to do this, I won't stop you. 

Reddit | Kore624

After all, I won’t be the one explaining to any dates you bring home why it's not a red flag.

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11. Look, the beach is a place to relax. This guy gets that you can’t always worry about issues like lugging a couch around and inevitable water damage. 

Reddit | Reddit

The fact that he put it on the shore makes this the most chill challenge ever to angry sea gods.

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12. Well, what's the point of store mannequins if it's not to entice you towards the hottest, most delicious fashions, right?

Reddit | rightsaidfried

I'm just saying that any designer who doesn't make this — or a giant burger — part of their summer collection is getting left behind.

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13.  I know that saying "it's fun and educational" is a great way to scare people away, but tell me that's not true here. 

Reddit | dogemasta117

Plus, this person looks so proud of what they came up with! Come on, that's gotta be worth something.

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14. I don't know why they're doubting themselves. It is fine. 

Instagram | @kalesalad

I guarantee that, like, 90% of the staff there are just trying to get through their shift. As long as nobody makes a mess, they probably won't care.

Do you lose if they find you, though?

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15. Haha yes, this fine young man is bringing pride to internet weirdos like us everywhere. This is inspired, my friends. 

Reddit | Reddit

Bonus points for probably having a much easier time getting out of the box than the guy who first did this, too.

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16. Aww, if this doesn't cheer up those poor blobfish, nothing will.

Reddit | naecokid

After all, it's hard to feel down in the dumps when someone this happy likes you so much that she filled a bathtub with you and 30 of your closest friends.

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