24 People Who Either Need A Hand Or A Hug Right Now

Diply 28 Mar 2018

When some of us get stuck in a bad situation, our first instinct is to pretend it's no big deal when someone offers to help. We might be dangling off the edge of a cliff, but we don't wanna trouble anyone so we pretend it's fine.

It's only when a caterpillar gets dangerously close to tickling our trembling fingers that we finally give in and accept help.

The folks on this list are right at that moment.

1. Uh-oh, I guess that's one way to learn that not everybody likes surprises.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I suppose that cropping out the top of his head would kind of given away the surprise, too. Maybe adding a tasteful picture of Shrek would help?

That can only mean good tidings.

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2. It's always hard when a friend discovers your secret shame, but even the inevitable roasts would be better than this heartbreaking scene.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

As noble as this person is for keeping their partner's secret, the old "you don't know them, they're from Canada" excuse probably won't work.

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3. I'm not sure who dropped this note, but my heart goes out to poor little Charlotte all the same.

Reddit | Tevisland

I mean, my handwriting isn't much better than this, so there's a chance she's like, 25, but that's not a chance I'm willing to take.

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4. Aww, something tells me that they went for something a little classier than just flushing it down the toilet after this. 

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

I mean, after the young'un soldiered through this little photoshoot, I'd say that at least calls for a nice, homey sewer drain.

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5. I can understand this person's frustration, but I also wish I knew more about that monkey story.

Reddit | ObsoleteGentile

Either there's a really weird delivery company out there that I've never heard of or they've got some really exotic friends.

It makes me curious about what's in the package.

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6. Unfortunately for this guy, "as God is my witness" is only an expression.

Reddit | jaysteel7

And before anybody finds out the hard way, those get-out-of-jail-free cards from Monopoly don't actually work either. It turns out the game of life is really unbalanced.

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7. If it's any consolation, this probably would've just ended up as vomit on a sweater anyway.

Reddit | PeterJananas

Still, you can't underestimate the harsh way that gravity can snap us back to reality. But no matter how mad you get, don't give up that easy.

OK, I'm done.

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8. I'm not sure what the world has against this person's car, but I think it's more cursed than Christine right now. 

Reddit | molokaicobra

Like, did two guys with baseball bats come along after this pipe burst or did the driver upset an ice wizard?

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9. Ooh, that apple might be fake, but the bite in it is unfortunately all too real.

Reddit | Yakev

Whoever did this may have a taste they're never getting out of their mouth, but at least they probably have a good relationship with their dentist, because wow.

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10. If that's exactly what this kid is going through, I can imagine a world where someone took Baby Driver literally. 

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

It means this kid is in for the most harrowing ride of his life, but that world is worth it.

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11. I feel bad for this man and his fallen soldier, but I have to know what happened to the second bottle.

Reddit | sntgmr

I mean, only one is broken, and the guy's looking at the dude on his left. Was the other bottle kidnapped? This keeps getting worse!

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12. The way I see it, this person has two choices — they can either book a laser appointment or join a punk band.

Instagram | Instagram

Fortunately, it doesn't even have to be a good one, as long as they look hardcore enough and sing in Arabic, I guess.

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13. Welp, this may not be the campsite they booked, but it'll have to do unless they packed a crane.

Reddit | Reddit

I don't know, is it more dangerous to deal with hungry bears or angry drivers? Maybe they'd need both to flip this back over.

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14. Well, I suppose it's just as well that their snacks landed like this.

Reddit | Normie-Destroyer

After all, whenever someone's tried to knock these loose with another snack, they just end up more heartbroken than before.

This predicament just skips that false hope entirely.

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15. Sadly, it seems like you can't have the same attitude towards Kool-Aid's packaging that their mascot has to walls.

Reddit | IC-23

In other words, someone jammed a little too hard here, and now they're in a jam of their own. Oops.

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16. If this person is lucky, it'll get warm enough that this problem will take care of itself by the time they bring their friends.

Reddit | ShawermaBox

Although, I guess that if they were lucky, they wouldn't have to deal with this mess in the first place.

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17. Well, I suppose this situation could be worse. The cap is on, and I've definitely seen toilets that look less clean than this one.

Reddit | Night-Changes

Still, I think it's pretty much impossible not to get kind of a creepy, crawling feeling the next time they use this.

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18. Well, I guess it was about time to replace that fence anyway.

Reddit | snowmonster77

And that board at the bottom was obviously doing a bang-up job of keeping it all in place. I guess the mystery of how this car broke the fence (but not the board) will remain unsolved.

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19. It may not be as bad as leaving the tinfoil on, but that's not the only thing the microwave can get a little picky about.

Reddit | Enguzelharf

Picking glass shards out of your food doesn't exactly scream "bon appétit," but I guess it's easier to share now.

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20. Unless whoever drives that black car is more infamous than I thought, I have no idea how someone thought this was OK.

Reddit | IsTriggeredTrash

So, did they choose their unfortunate victim just because they drove the only non-gray car in the lot?

There's a metaphor in there somewhere.

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21. I feel like some kid asked this person what bunnies have to do with Easter, and they've been thinking of an answer ever since.

Instagram | @tank.sinatra

Depending on how long it's been, they might just be getting to the mysterious connection between rabbits and eggs.

There's a lot to unpack.

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22. I'm pretty sure the doctor told this guy to stop doing this exact thing, but I guess that's like telling a fish to stop swimming. 

Reddit | luiz_saluti

We need to figure out a way to save him from himself before he tries to ride in a full-body cast.

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23. If the soaked clothes and wasted drinks aren't bad enough, I'm pretty sure the bartender is cutting these two off. 

Reddit | Onion_Do_Piaza

Let's put it this way: Nobody puts this much gusto behind their cheers on their first drink. One drink later and the glasses would've straight-up been vaporized.

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24. I don't know how this happened, but my friends and I definitely know that "now what do we do?" feeling all too well.

Reddit | AntalRyder

The situation's a little different because this involves a lot more time outdoors than any of us are comfortable with, but whatever.

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