16 People Just Doing Their Best, Okay?!

Diply 25 May 2018

We're all out here, presumably trying our best. Sometimes those efforts are funny enough that they get posted on the internet for other people to point and laugh at. And sometimes, if you're really lucky, those efforts get compiled into a listicle by a reasonably attractive guy who's, just like you, doing his best.

1. One of the most important lessons we learn as children is that no matter how petty we are to our parents, they've been doing it a lot longer than we have.

Twitter | @iBartholemeu

That being said, you could end up with some dope combinations, like creamed corn and ravioli. Sign me right up!

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2. I'm really not even sure what this person's angle was, but I do believe they're doing exactly what they were hoping to do.

Reddit | DJJohnson49

Either way, whether he's looking for company or salvation, he shot his shot, and as long as he gets some kind of response, he'll be doing just fine.

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3. Because kids really do say the darnedest things.

Twitter | @MissTink__

Is darnedest even a real word? The spell-check on my computer hasn't flagged it, but I can't think of a single time I've ever used it when I wasn't referencing that show.

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4. You know you're eating at a pretty hipster restaurant when they serve you your eggs in the pan that they cooked them in.

Reddit | Lerrcey

Because if there's anything better than eating overcooked eggs, it's the sound of a metal fork scraping against cast iron.

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5. Dropping spaghetti on the floor is one thing. Dropping spaghetti onto a carpet is a whole new level of garbage.

Reddit | Symmetry888

But this is probably the worst-case scenario I could imagine after dropping my noodles.

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6. Let's take a moment to pour one out for the brave heroes who sacrifice themselves at the altar of science.


Is that just something you can do with a bottle of water? Now I want to try it, but I'm really scared of the potential consequences.

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7. Honestly, this is just kind of sweet.

Twitter | @brvndonswee

If you ever find yourself willing to compromise your long-term health for the sake of a relationship, there's a good chance that you're meant to be together.*

*This is terrible advice, don't listen to me.

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8. They say that you should fake it until you make it. Sometimes that's just not true.

Imgur | RavensX1X

Personally, I find that the best way to make my dreams come true is to just spray-paint my wishes onto myself. That's why it says "Internet Writer" across my chest.

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9. I think it says something about their relationship that buddy looks a lot happier in the second picture than he does in the first.

Imgur | RamonaQ

This is honestly pretty lucky. The last time a biker said he wanted to jump me, it didn't end this wholesomely.

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10. watches Red Greenonce


That's a reference that's going to make less than no sense to anyone who isn't from Canada. Basically, The Red GreenShowwas Canada's answer to Home Improvement, but with more duct tape and less grunting.

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11. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me a third time, and yeah, it's still my fault, but I have a limited budget and need an efficient source of protein.

Imgur | imcurrentlyatabar
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12. If I've learned anything in life, it's that different people are motivated in different ways.

Imgur | RamonaQ

And, to be totally fair, that sign on the left is good advice from top to bottom, regardless of whether or not you're running.

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13. A lot of these have kinda been fails, but this one's actually genius.

Twitter | @mikeangiulo

The only downside is that I'd end up tricking myself and not wanting to hit the button either.

Also, I'm annoyed at the inconsistent capitalization of these profile names. And even more annoyed that this family has someone named Emily and someone named Emma. Apparently I've just got a lot of anger to dish out.

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14. Well, I've gotta say, that's certainly one way to deal with the problem.

Daily LOL Pics | Daily LOL Pics

Sure, you'd have to be wheely desperate to try and tricycle your way out of the parking lot, but obviously this person felt like they had no other choice.

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15. Great, now I just want to eat hot dogs.

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

Yeah, I really shouldn't have said that, that was pretty disgusting. Then again, people eat fingernails all the time, so it's not really that weird.

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16. I think everyone looking at this can't help but wish they had friends like this guy.

Twitter | @Anguyenballer

But what they fail to remember is that in order to get friends like this, you first have to be a friend like this. That's why I always walk around in booty shorts.

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