12+ People Who Didn't Start Their Day With A Smile

Diply 8 Aug 2018

If my dad wasn't one of them, I wouldn't know there are actually people who hear their alarms and don't automatically grumble every curse word they can think of.

So, yeah, something really exciting has to be planned for a day if I'm starting it with a smile. But some mornings just ensure that our mouths stay perfectly frowny until lunch.

And these people just learned the hard way what one of those mornings feels like. If you see them, just let them live.

1. I'm not sure who decided that air travel needed to be more aggravating, but yeah. Let's say that they've just made two enemies for life.

Instagram | @will_ent

After all, putting one of these up disrespects everyone who sits here, including (potentially) me. They know what they did.

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2. It's possible that whoever uses this is starting their day with a nervous smile, but I wouldn't really count on it.

Reddit | celery2015

If somebody made their nightmare come true and came in, that smile would instantly turn into a wide-eyed stare and frantic yell. "Occupied!"

Then, we can't prove the smile was ever there.

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3. You might expect me to say the baby's having a crappy morning, but I'd argue that it's actually the other kid.

Reddit | dude_idek

They got all psyched up to scare the young'un with that mask, and baby doesn't seem to care. There's a frown under that werewolf.

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4. The slippers aren't flying yet, but the fact that grandma's carrying one of them means these two should be on high alert.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Their only hope is to make this situation really adorable really fast. I don't know, dude, talk about how her eyes sparkle or something.

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5. Oof, insulting people with deliciousness is about as dirty as it gets because I'm suddenly proving their point by eating it.

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

It's an ice cream cake, Larry. It'll melt if I don't. Plus, it seems like a good way to stop looking at your hurtful message.

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6. Let me guess: This is the only chair that somebody isn't already sitting in, right?

Reddit | ByteOfWood

It's also very appropriate that it's so close to the trash can because we'd be kidding ourselves if we said this thing belonged anywhere else.

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7. It's nice to stay positive, but I doubt too many people will think they chose well if they pull up here.

Reddit | SomeoneStopMePlease

"No three cheese" is a tragic statement on its own, but now I've gotta measure my cash? I'll bet $50 will be "longer" than $20.

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8. I guess this takes the guesswork out of things. This lady wasn't smiling at the job fair, and she definitely wasn't smiling about seeing herself there.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I'm guessing her employers already saw this, though. Otherwise, she's not helping her case by drawing more attention to it.

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9. So, this Uber driver apparently opened the trunk for a passenger only for this to happen.

Reddit | vulpesglove

If those passengers aren't total monsters, this will be one of those rare five-star ratings given out of pure guilt.

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10. I was gonna say that whoever did this really hates the idea of people getting new sod, but I see tracks in the background, too.

Reddit | JustFrankss

So, some driver had bold, new ideas on where the road ends, and these lawns just got caught in the crossfire.

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11. I'm not sure who feels more embarrassed right now: the person who suggested this would let planes know they're flying too low or the person who approved it.

Reddit | KvvaX

Actually, scratch that. The answer is obviously the truck driver who still finds a way to hit it.

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12. The level of surprising horror here is about on par with learning that you can still get acne as an adult.

Reddit | SuperCalendar

Seriously, the relief I feel when I'm in the bathroom and get this zipper to come out is so real I almost have to go again.

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13. I came home with back pain when I tried to do this, so this guy must need a live-in chiropractor or something.

Instagram | @bruhifunny

I don't feel like I need to mention that my bag wasn't anywhere near this big, but nobody's should ever be this big.

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14. I don't know what heinous bet this guy lost to have to do this, but those gloves would be the only thing keeping me from biting my nails off if I were him.

Reddit | hdwsrp69

Maybe he should quit and get into something more relaxing, like bomb disposal.

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15. If Clerks taught me anything besides how to tell whether someone is supposed to be there that day, it's the horrors behind this sign. 

Reddit | HellotoHorse

If I wasn't so sure they'd be weirded out, I'd hug whoever's working there on sight. They're going through it, trust me.

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16. This scene would actually be perfect for starting the owner's day with a smile...if it was happening outside.

Instagram | @tampons

If there's anything that can put a damper on a good time with the doggo, it's soggy furniture and having to get a mop.

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17. I get the impression that somebody modded this car with love, so getting wrecked by an old plain-Jane one must hurt.

Instagram | @realbigmoods

Somehow, I don't think the driver will find it comforting that the other car is fine, if they even hear that news through the sobs.

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18. Yeah, going to school in an underwater facility sounds pretty cool until something like this happens.

Reddit | blueleader11

Still, I guess there's kind of a trade-off. You get a lot more days off when they always have to stop your school from sinking to the bottom.

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19. You might be having a bad day, but at least it didn't start with someone calling you a witch and putting a sword through your horseless carriage's windshield.

Reddit | Reddit

At least, that's the only explanation I can think of for how this happened. Yeah, literal time travel.

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20. This lady may have started her day off with a frown, but whoever she's visiting will end it with a much bigger one.

Instagram | @bruhifunny

The good news is that she'll probably turn her frown upside down by then. The bad news is her smile will be evil.

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21. Being the only one at the wedding who falls is one thing, but getting that spill immortalized in the photos is the bad version of priceless.

Instagram | Instagram

I guess that would be "worthless," but that doesn't make sense here. What's the word for getting a cursed item?

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22. Unless somebody spent hundreds of dollars just to mess up the custodian's day, I think they've abandoned their dreams of being the duel master. 

Reddit | cereburus

Actually, I'm sure it's the second one because otherwise, these would all be Trap cards.

There's no explaining the rest of this, though.

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23. I'm guessing this person tried the old "The horse isn't spooked, so I'm obviously driving it fine" defense here. We all know that one, right?

Reddit | uriharibo

But seriously, what was happening here to make the cop think he needed to use this?

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24. It was on this day that this unfortunate lady learned that the models who influenced her all have heated pools.

Twitter | @scixpmas

I would definitely like to live in a world where the photo on the right gets more likes than the one on the left, though.

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