14+ People Whose Days Will Get Worse Before They Get Better

Diply 17 Oct 2018

Sooner or later, we'll all end up in a situation that feels like being knee-deep in bullcrap. Hopefully, it's not that literal for you, and I am so sorry if it is.

But even though we'll do anything to get out of that situation, the "anything" usually sounds like a lot of work. Even as we're begging for a bullcrap shovel, a small, lazy part of us might still think, "Eh, maybe this is a smell you can get used to."

And that's more or less the situation these people have found themselves in. Again, not literally. I like you guys too much for that.

1. I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure this poor man was about to face disappointment no matter what happened here.

Reddit | danielandastro

After all, terrible, terrible experience tells me that bad things happen when you hold a pizza like that.

It's not that safe in the box.

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2. You know, I never considered how hard truckers in Inception must have it until I saw this.

Reddit | Whatdidyouexpecthere

"Just wake up, already! If I have to miss another deadline because my rig started acting like a funhouse, my boss is gonna kill me."

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3. The cow is having the worst day here, but that doesn't mean this guy has it easy.

Reddit | MlgEdgyKid66669

It's a good thing it didn't also get stuck on a roof it refuses to get down from, or he'd really wonder what he did in a past life.

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4. I guess some of us need to learn the hard way that we should fear and respect the "hot surface warning" on stoves. 

Reddit | FrostyUpstairs

I can't laugh too hard, though. Not without admitting I once assumed that just because the container's oven-safe, the lid's fine too.


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5. Ooh, I really don't like the way they used the past tense here. 

Reddit | jmaverick1

That's also the chilliest "thank you" I've ever seen — and I've seen a lot of folks ask for the manager.

Like, excuse Jonathan for not having everyone in the world's number saved. Jeez.

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6. Who do I feel worse for? The person who made this happen or the one who needs this toilet now?

Reddit | Mark-Wahlberg1929

I don't wanna get graphic, but how miserable must your bathroom experience have been if you actually dislocated the toilet?

At least now anything seems possible.

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7. And wow, what kind of cursed bathroom would have that happen while this is going on in the toilet paper dispenser?

Reddit | Econfailure

It's risky, but I think the way around this is just to pound on the plastic. Hopefully, it'll just stick to the wall.

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8. It's always such a shame when a perfectly cool tattoo gets its proverbial pants pulled down by typos.

Reddit | Propaply

Even if they ran this through a spellcheck and caught that "villian," they're still in danger of getting stuck with that dreaded "there" on their arm.

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9. If trees had eyes, I think this would make the perfect inspirational poster for them.

Reddit | MlgEdgyKid66669

This situation sucks in such an insane way that I have to go to parallel universes to find a silver lining. The horror movies lied to us, people.

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10. This train apparently stopped here on the day the photographer had an exam, and that literally describes a nightmare I had once.

Reddit | messier57i

I'm suddenly very relieved that I only lived a 20-minute walk from campus because my city has this fun little "feature" too.

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11. Yikes, I have some pretty serious doubts that these are the kinds of fish they're trying to fry here.


Frankly, I'm surprised they even made it this far without getting a thousand shocks that all might as well scream "bad idea."

It's like the facepalm of Thor.

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12. This situation is pretty awkward, but not for the reason you might think at first glance.

Reddit | SpadoKln

We're not dealing with an insubordinate soldier so much as watching a general trying to shake hands with a training dummy.

Shoutout to that guy on the right's facial expression.

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13. Yeah, it almost makes it worse when our most painful mishaps have an audience.

Getty Images | Raphye Alexius

"No, it's fine. I'm just...taking a nap under these comfortable boxes. I'd stay on the phone with 911, though. You know, just to be safe. Yeah, that's it."

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14. This is why you always let your date pick when they bring you the fortune cookies.

Reddit | Davidb91w

But seriously, what are we supposed to do with this fortune? Not only does it not predict anyone's future, but who feeds a cow roses?

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15. These kids don't know the curriculum, but at least they didn't try that "we're legally allowed to leave in 15 minutes" business.

Instagram | Instagram

The only thing more haunting than a teacher who escapes through the window is one who trashes the class in a blind rage.

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16. Oof. Any day that starts with us imagining ourselves on vacation is probably gonna go by really slowly.

Reddit | gray_jacket

"My two fingers are living their best life, but the rest of me is gonna need to find a way to pay for that."

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