15+ People Who Can At Least Say They're Having Fun

Diply 30 Aug 2018

Sometimes, you can suddenly go from being bored to having the time of your life. That might be because a parade of all the things you like suddenly rolled into town, but it's much more likely that you'll end up making your own fun just by messing around.

That's how people who get stuck on a cleanup crew end up racing floor buffers down the halls and how everything in the fridge can end up with googly eyes on it.

Sometimes, these flights of fancy can get us in trouble, but this list isn't about that. It's about that magic moment when people made their boredom work for them.

1. Well, I've seen much worse ways somebody ended up coating a random surface in makeup.

Instagram | @realbigmoods

You can tell a lot about how somebody was feeling at the time by how happy the strange witch face they leave behind looks.

Looks like this one's not complaining.

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2. Haha, I can't really fault whoever did this for making this drab place both colorful and comfortable.

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

Is this thing supposed to stay here, though? Because I can only see it getting grosser and grosser as time goes on.

Sorry, dearie. We can't have nice things.

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3. If you're gonna put graffiti everywhere, you should do it with a little class and elegance.

Reddit | Eloquence79

I've got no love for someone who scratches "lol your car's old" into my doors, but I won't even fix it if you carve an illustration like this.

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4. This cat seems vaguely weirded out, but not enough to actually make it care enough to move.

Reddit | AchilliosXI

And really, that's the sweet spot because otherwise, it'll change positions and will no longer be able to rock those socks. We don't wanna deprive the world of this.

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5. Oof, this was hard enough to deal with before the spellcheck started disagreeing with this guy's spelling of his own name.

Instagram | Instagram

I'll give Jeromy credit for at least showing off his inspiration, though. Otherwise, they might actually think they've got an unfrozen caveman on their hands.

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6. Both this guy's feet and his style are telling me the fact that he can't dance right now is killing him.

Instagram | Instagram

Just wait until he finishes this test, though. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually starts sashaying into the hallway.

Then, the party's gonna be lit.

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7. It's a good thing these people pointed this "error" out themselves because the brain just refuses to admit this happens for some reason.

Reddit | ronald_poi

Spellcheckers can't solve everything, but they're our real friend when our minds say, "Yup, that says exactly what you think. Everything's fine."

They're such snakes.

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8. Hmm, I might only be assuming that this guy's having fun. He actually doesn't seem that thrilled about how extra he's being.

Reddit | Eyy46

"I don't know, this seemed a lot more satisfying in my head. I just feel sticky and wasteful right now, to be honest."

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9. I don't know how much fun bae will have here, but the homie who did this is definitely cackling like a banshee right now.

Reddit | woopd420

They just better hope this fella knows how to do some tricks because otherwise, their beloved might stay mad for a while.

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10. You know what? At least these guys were nice enough to leave a little space on this elevator.

Reddit | burflemerfle

Because if it works like the ones I'm used to, the system would just keep sending this car up and somebody would force them to play 52 Pickup.

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11. Yup, I definitely can't deny that these guys and their barely functioning camera are having the time of their lives.

Reddit | GSYTGangstasheep

As for the frog, the fact that it hasn't hopped off his head tells us it's at least reasonably OK with this.

Just in case y'all were worried.

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12. So this lady just received a tornado warning and this is how she decided to prepare for it.

Reddit | Imperfectyourenot

And sure, strapping everything down is great and all, but you don't wanna be caught in Munchkin Land without an exit strategy.

And sorry, the wizard ain't no help.

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13. We're very lucky that some people never seem to go anywhere without googly eyes because it would be tragic for this perfect opportunity to be wasted.

Reddit | Reddit

I mean, just look at him gum that bar like a curious baby! He's even got a nose and everything.

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14. That smile is giving me life, but I wouldn't have let Jason Momoa play with my toys as a kid. 

Reddit | u_will_love_me

And I once let a guy put my entire Silver Surfer toy in his mouth. No, I don't know why he did that either.

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15. You know, I like where this person's head is at. Just leave the Minions behind and focus on the true inspiration here.

Reddit | EhronPhuller

Think about it. The only reason why we've never seen Elmo's mom is because no one bothered to make her.

The world is right again.

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16. If this guy kissed the pole more than once, he has a much stronger stomach than I do.

Instagram | Instagram

I guess there's something about everyone's accumulated hand grime that makes him feel romantic? Like, how do you buy that person a Valentine's Day present?

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