14+ People Acting A Straight Fool On Social Media

Diply 27 Jul 2018

Social media has given us unprecedented access into each others' lives. We know what everybody's meals look like, we sarcastically post about personal trauma on Twitter — it's just how we do.

But sometimes, stuff gets shared that just makes us look like straight-up dumb-dumbs. That's what we're "celebrating" with these items today.

1. Reddit's pretty notorious for people ripping off each other's content, but it's also just so satisfying to see it get called out.

Reddit | scottland_666

Or maybe the person stealing the picture is actually the child of the person who did it originally. Maury! Maury! Maury!

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2. It's hard to stand out from the crowd in YouTube comments, but this is sure one way to do it.

Reddit | s_sekowski

This has got me rethinking the entire English language. Could we have actually done all of this better? I'm also really glad to discover that, unintentionally, I put this picture in the 2rd slot.

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3. But...you just...did the thing...

Twitter | @LORDJM_

I'll be the first to admit that sometimes, satire goes way over my head. That's especially true when it comes from people who are over 6 feet tall. See what I did there? Yeah, you did.

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4. Like the person who posted this on Reddit pointed out, anyone who does this is obviously forgetting about the delete button.

Reddit | Reddit

Or they're making a joke. Ugh, I hate how hard that is to realize on the internet. I'll just keep assuming the worst of people.

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5. I've known a lot of guys who look like this, and all of them have been kicked out of bands because they sucked at playing bass.

Reddit | unusualspider

Sorry, Craig, but if you wanted to stay with the band, you should have learned your instrument.

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6. There are a lot of people out there who shouldn't be giving advice on social media, but this is the first time I've seen someone straight-up tell someone how their own body works.

Twitter | @stephanelbow
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7. When you stunt for the 'Gram, sometimes, you get the ram.


In case it's not clear, she was posing for a photo with a lamb, and somebody did notappreciate that very much.

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8. This whole thing is just a mess.

Imgur | usersubpondscum

I can't tell who's coming, who's going, who's joking, and who's just trying to correct spelling on the internet. Frankly, I have a bit of a headache.

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9. Let's be honest with ourselves for a second — has a faceswap ever gone well?

Imgur | usersubpondscum

The best ones I've ever done have been with my kids, and it just made me sad that I'm getting uglier the older I get.

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10. This is just too stupid to not be on purpose, right?

Imgur | HingleMcCringleberry13

I don't mean Miley. Miley's just a lost cause, I think. But hey, maybe she's got a future in the military.

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11. So, it turns out that that weird Snapchat lens actually has a really practical application.


It's also true that if you put on the dog filter, you can hear as well as a well-trained hound.

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12. I'll never understand why some people ask Reddit to roast them, but it keeps happening, so here you go.

Reddit | 6515grayd

My self-esteem barely survives the jokes that get thrown at me in our work group chats. I can't imagine opening it up to strangers.

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13. I bet these guys are going to be kicking themselves later.

Instagram | patrickrenna

Then again, I probably wouldn't be able to pick out pretty much any celebrity from a lineup. In my defense, though, I've never seen The Sandlot.

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14. I mean, she makes a lot of good points, but she had to know that she was gonna get some sideways looks by posting this picture.

Imgur | CharlieYouLookQuiteDownWithYourBigFatEyesAndYourBigFatFrown

That being said, I kind of want to try it. Then again, I'm Canadian and we put milk in bags, so maybe it just seems less weird to me.

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15. Seriously, Randy? You've been watching too many Yogi Bear cartoons.

Reddit | isthistaken

I don't know which is worse: the fact that all these majestic creatures now have raised cholesterol levels or that Randy didn't pick up a single chocolate-glazed Timbit.

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16. Um, Aunt Lydia, that's not a horrific burn scar — it's a piece of country ham.

Reddit | alternativetrash

Sure, this post is embarrassing, but I'd choose it over something from my aggressively political Aunt Nancy any day.

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17. So that's why we're forced to learn math in public school.

Reddit | halwa

Maybe have a friend or two (or a math teacher) proofread your Facebook post beforehand.

Juuuuuuuust a suggestion.

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18. I'm sorry, is this a riddle?  

Reddit | FrankieMC35

Yes, 0% fat is equal to fat-free. So, what the question, again? Now I'm getting confused.

Use percentages or words, Brooklea! Keep it simple for us common folk.

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19. Just because you share something with hundreds of people on Facebook doesn't mean you want to talk about it.

Reddit | readball

Have a little respect for a person's right to withhold pertinent information regarding a public statement, alright, Kris?

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20. Prove you're more cultured than the person using their phone by using your phone and then posting on social media.

Reddit | dargonite

Side note: What's with people who end every caption with an ellipsis? I know you're out there, and I'm gonna need you to stop being so creepy.

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21. I would've applauded the creativity had they at least given us the guy's height.

Reddit | iamtheshibby

Now I've gotta figure out this dude's height before I can even begin deducing the TV's measurements. Is this a 10th-grade math problem?

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22. Warning: Political correctness can be harmful to your child.

Reddit | InsultedFish

Come on, Susan. It's 2018. We don't put down random blue plastic toy pieces anymore. Get with the times.

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23. 'Quaad goals.

Twitter | @sondrababy8

Honestly, those two words are probably the two funniest words I'll ever write on this website. It's all downhill from here. Thanks for tuning in with me during this whole journey.

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24. Oh, yikes.

Reddit | kashmirichaitea

I'd really like to check in with this person in a month when they feel like the guy from Super Size Me but still try to sell me some of their supplements.

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