16 People Who Absolutely Didn't Get What They Expected

Diply 17 Apr 2018

Unless you're ridiculously lucky, you know the feeling of getting a present you didn't really want.

No matter how many subtle hints you dropped that a Transformer or a certain video game would be the cat's pajamas, you somehow ended up with a Go-Bot and Ninjabread Man.

Or you were really unlucky and got actual cat pajamas.

In any case, a lot of these people are going through the same thing right now. The rest just got lucky.

1. I know people will hijack the credit when someone hires a romantic skywriter, but now even the birds are doing it?

Instagram | @kalesalad

Nice try, but we already know it would've just had its friends fly in a heart formation if this were really its idea.

Y'all ain't slick.

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2. Gah! What kind of twisted mind translates "family fun time" to "severed cartoon rabbit head?"

Reddit | BluePandaArt

I guess its mouth is like that because something was supposed to shoot out of it, but now it just looks like they left some of its spine attached.

That's even worse.

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3. So it turns out that dogs know exactly why we spend long hours not giving them attention, and they're finally attacking the problem at the source. 

Reddit | JakeThomasShaw

Who knows? Maybe this person got to that part where the dog follows you in Skyrim, and they got really jealous.

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4. But just in case you're scared about losing faith in dogs, they don't give us all of those unwanted surprises on purpose.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Clearly, this poor pupper is as shocked by what happened as we are. It'll probably be a while before it tries that trick again.

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5. I'm curious as to whether this is an average ID haul for the festival or not.

Instagram | @memelif3

I know whoever lost their social security card wasn't expecting that, but were the event staff?

I wouldn't know what to think if they rolled their eyes and said, "There's always one."

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6. It sucks that this happened to them, but at least they were able to turn themselves into a rolling public service announcement.

Reddit | NT2000

I think the plastic tarp is supposed to represent the flimsy illusion of safety that people have when they do this.

It's very artistic.

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7. If people steal these things so they can burn them in a circle of salt, chaining them up is probably missing the point.

Reddit | Twunts

This place must be way better at making ice cream than choosing mascots if they still get business with this abomination out front.

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8. Haha, I bet that everyone on that construction crew walked away from this with a new sense of purpose.

Reddit | bollejoost

It may be hard work, but those moments where you can bring this stock photo's headache to life make it all worth it.

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9. I know I'm no expert on city planning, but I'm pretty sure that whoever put this in expected it to drain some of this water.

Reddit | jaykirsch

If I cared as much about my job as this thing does, you wouldn't even be reading this.

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10. Ouu, that photo must be fire if the homie is so proud that he's even showing the dog.

Instagram | Instagram

And since they often don't recognize themselves in mirrors, this doggo's probably just wondering who the handsome devil on that little screen is.

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11. Ah, it's nice to be inside during a heavy rain storm, right? Well, not if you shop at this mall in Austria.

Reddit | seriouslox

And yeah, it's coming in through the lights. That seems like the safest place for it to seep in, doesn't it?

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12. Since we don't have any after pictures of her regretting her decision, I guess we're left to assume that this tree tasted just fine.

Reddit | mariyathunder

So the mom may not have succeeded in the impossible task of a non-weird photo, but at least she knows that now.

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13. So, taking a nice ride with Santa isn't so bad. What could possibly be wrong with this?

Reddit | Johnnyoneshot

Well, the driver's kid put it back there without anyone knowing, so that first mirror check in the morning probably led to a mini heart attack.

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14. So, we have a lot of surprises to go around here.

Sizzle | Sizzle

I doubt this guy expected to be arrested, and the manager definitely didn't expect him to do whatever he did to deserve this.

Of course, now I wanna know what it was, but I doubt I will find out.

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15. Well, when something truly unexpected happens, we're never really sure how we're gonna take it.

Instagram | @kalesalad

The dog has a long road of reentering society ahead of him, but at least the owner was able to laugh the pain away.

Haha, he looks so tough.

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16. Well, I definitely can't blame anybody for getting burned by this utterly random weather we've had.

Reddit | Poisonousking

This dude is handling it way better than I would, though.

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