11+ People Having A Worse Hair Day Than You

Diply 20 Aug 2018

Feeling down about your hair? Maybe you got a bad haircut or your long locks just won't do as they're told.

Well, nothing's going to cheer you up more than looking at a bunch of people who are having the kind of bad hair days that will put yours to shame.


1. Hannah, whose mom only did half a hairdo but had a whole lot of heart.

Twitter | @urchicahanna

It fits her style, though — half a hairstyle, half a mesh top, and half a smile as she quietly panics, wondering if this really is what they meant by "half up half down."

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2. Poor Savannah, who probably doesn't find Brody's jokes too funny anymore.

Twitter | @srthomas10

There's nothing more exciting than getting a haircut. When it was, you know, planned. And intentional. And voluntary. I don't know, maybe my standards for a good haircut are too high!

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3. This woman who either made a huge mistake or is just a really big fan of the British grocery store Asda.

Facebook | Craig Richardson

Is this guerrilla marketing? Is she actually the official mascot for Asda? Why do I suddenly want to shop at Asda? Oh my gosh...it's working.

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4. Lydia and Lydia's stove. And whoever has to clean Lydia's stove, which is probably Lydia again.

Twitter | @LydiaAnn123

Lydia, sweetie, this is not how you cook. Although, if it was, your chef name should definitely be Hairston Blumenthal.

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5. This girl because she has suffered a great loss.

Twitter | @B__randon

We've all jokingly put scissors to our hair and threatened to cut, but for this girl, the joke turned very real. Now please join for a moment of silence in memory of her fallen hair.

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6. This gamer who got a little to relaxed playing with a lighter.

Imgur | prdnzi

If this was her audition to play a firebender in Avatar, then she probably didn't get the part.

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7. This woman who is only just beginning the long and arduous journey to a full head of braids.

Twitter | @aNameToCarry

The bright side? When it's all finished, she'll be having a better hair day than all of us.

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8. This dog who you know you want to pet more than anything, but who you know is going to zap you.

Twitter | @deadliidev

This dog's ears perked up like she just heard someone say, "walk."

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9. This guy's sister's friend who was doing some weird stuff in her sleep.

Twitter | @MichealsRevenge

What else has she lost in his room? Where else has she lost weaves? So many questions.

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10. Whoever Kevin said this to. Come on, Kevin. 

Twitter | @KevinFarzad

Say it looks great or lie and say it looks bad. Don't leave them hanging, your true opinions shrouded in mystery. Not cool, Kevin.

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11. This guy's niece who is going to be so glad someone got a photo of this in, like, 20 years time.

Twitter | @EthanFrigon

Good for her for getting the bangs phase out of the way super early in life!

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12. All the curly-haired people of the world, collectively, whenever they grapple with a hairbrush and lose the fight.

Facebook | Funny Tweets

If you're going for a Hermione Granger cross Diana Ross look, however, then you're doing great.

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13. Whoever it was that lost their wig to mother nature.

Twitter | @AndrewKirkland_

Is the person who lost this hair having a bad hair day? Or is the tree having a FANTASTIC hair day? This is a mystery that may never be solved.

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14. Joe Won, who I guess technically is having a good hair day... Maybe even the best hair day.

Twitter | @joewon99

But he's definitely having a bad day in terms of being made fun of.

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15. Simon, who ended up a little less "sun-kissed" and a little more "covered in pink hair dye."

Good House Keeping | Good House Keeping

Either that or, he just really loves the song "Pink" by Janelle Monae and wanted to show it.

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16. You know who's never having a bad hair day? Brad Pitt. Because he uses his hair to show he's in love, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Twitter | @sarahmcgbeauty

In fact, he calls them Brad hair days.

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