12+ People In A Complicated Relationship With Beauty

Diply 5 Oct 2018

Relationships are complicated.

It's complicated when the man you love doesn't know you exist. It's complicated when the man you love doesn't know you call him your boyfriend. It's complicated when this man, who isn't your man, finds out that you've already planned your wedding with him, right down to the floral arrangements and bridesmaids dresses.

Think it can't get more complicated then that? Well, then checkout these beauty relationships!

1. Literally every time I take this medieval torture device up to my eyelashes, THIS is my exact fear!

Twitter | @CieraHyatt

And if you curl your eyelashes and don't have this image in the back of your mind, you're lying or you're an actual superhero, so...

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2. How can one store bring so much happiness, yet so much sadness at the same time? 

Twitter | @saajeeta

I absolutely do not have the financial means to be shopping at Sephora as much as I do, but honestly, my Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette will love me enough to forget my problems.

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3. Okay, personally, I feel attacked!

Twitter | @Brittan03669157

Instant sparks and undeniable attraction are often considered good things in romantic relationships, but apparently, it's not great when it comes to a person's relationship with makeup.

Shocked and upset at this news.

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4. This is a time we all knew was coming, but didn't want to admit!

Twitter | @WolfJayd

Face masks are supposed to fix all our problems, like, when did that stop being a thing? My face mask is supposed to find me a man AND a plan!!!!

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5. Acrylic nails are such a blessing but also such a curse. Does it get more complicated than that?! 

Twitter | @thealexisjaydee

Fake nails make me feel like such a baddie, but they're highkey expensive and also ruin your real nails...and your soul.

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6. I often wonder what the face masks I buy at T.J.Maxx are actually doing for my skin, but guess what, I DON'T CARE!

Twitter | @tourrnesol

I will spend the night "treating myself" 'cause I know that's what my face mask wants for me.

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7. This image is truly the foundation of all my liquid contouring anxieties. 

Twitter | @BrookeSquad

I can hardly contour with bronzing powder, so imagine if I let myself to dabble in the world of contouring liquids??

Absolutely not.

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Like, we're all just out here trying our best to look beautiful.


Contouring and highlighting is not an easy, God-given skill, okay? It must be mastered.Like karate or surfing.

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8. This is a vibe, though!

Twitter | @heebsta

At least this queen knows this is a contouring fail.

No tea, no shade, but many makeup lovers would consider this harsh line of product a contour win**.** Myself included, lol.

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9. Victoria's real secret is that she friggin' loves slowly stabbing us in the chesticles!

Twitter | @herbalteagyal

There is nothing like the slow, painful realization that your $60 bra has done you DIRTY.

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10. Wind makes us feel like supermodels. Lipgloss makes us feel like we poppin', so why can't they come together for us and make life PERFECT?

Twitter | @sophieburnside_

Sometimes la bella vita is so unfair!

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11. If you need more proof that life just ain't fair, please take a look at THIS. 

Twitter | @aliceshmigol

Snatched liner and snatched brows, and then her eyelash glue just decided to explode all over her face? Not only does she have to do her entire face over, but it's NAWT going to be fun taking that glue off.

This is truly the work of the devil.

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12. Why do gorgeous curls always gotta come with a cost? 

Twitter | @KendylLynn10

Isn't it wild that we take a literal 400 degree iron rod and put it so close to our face everyday?

Are we the crazy ones? Actually, don't answer that.

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13. Um, somebody call the POLICE on this radio station! 

Twitter | @ZMonline

I mean yes, if it was 2008 and it was the Jonas Brothers, I'd be doing the exact same thing. BUT I DON'T LOVE 2018 JUSTIN BIEBER THIS MUCH.

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14. This actually isn't a complicated relationship with beauty, it's a hostile relationship with UPS. 

Twitter | @SlythrinRaven13

Dear delivery people around the globe, if you see a Sephora package, please be gentle! OUR CHILDREN ARE IN THERE.

Now this palette is shattered, just like my heart.

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15. Lipstick honestly needs to get its act together. Every lipstick needs to be not only kissing and eating proof, but sleep proof, too!

Twitter | @BrookAndBailey

Where is the beauty justice for my nappers out there?!

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