Let's face it — we all make mistakes. Whether big or small, it doesn't really matter, because they're usually equally as entertaining. 

Listen, humanity isn't perfect. And honestly, did you really expect it to be? We are all just trying to do the best we can with the little knowledge or determination that we have, and that's okay. 

It's really not a big deal, because most of us aren't going to become anything super important anyway. And when you think about it like that, aren't we all here for a good time, not a stressed time? 

So if you're still all strung out on life and trying to be perfect at every possible thing, remember that you ain't ever going to be 100% perfect. It's just not possible. So why not funnel some of your straight-up anxious energy into a more enjoyable use of time?


Personally, I suggest watching your fellow man mess up hard. Not only is it extremely hilarious, it's also really relatable. After watching a bunch of normies make a fool of themselves, how can you still feel bad about tripping over your own shoelace, drunk dialing your ex, or falling down the stairs at work?

And with that said, enjoy!